Monday, December 12, 2005

The Week before Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the plant
Each Saturday scheduled- we were having our “rant”
Of social injustice, of sweatshops and more
Each face was not cheerful, each minute a chore.
The weather was rainy, cold, ugly, forlorn
I guzzled hot chocolate and tried to keep warm.
As I crawled on a box, pulled on my blue cap
It was afternoon break- it was time for a nap.
I dreamed of Old Santa, his bag full of tricks
His toys, and his games, his coal, and his sticks.
And down in Select Pack, Marking A and B, Dome
Idle employees were soon sent to roam.
Some got VTO, but our all wise PM
Is a man who embodies the MEANING of dim.
When, from way up in Shipping there arose such a clatter
I fell off my box, to see what was the matter.
Poor Santa can’t know, he’s not welcome here
As he goes on his way, to spread holiday cheer.
“Have you been a good girl?” he asks one and all (except the guys- but this plant is predominantly female)
Till a small voice pipes up “ Please, Mr. Claus
All we want for Christmas, is a week VTO
Is it too much too ask, for three feet of snow?” (3 feet of snow- they DO close the plant)
As the management turned three deep shades of red
Old Santa leaned over, and patted my head
“You’ll get your wish, dear, let it snow, let it sleet
On Route 42 and main (Name of town) Street”
Now, on Dasher- Dixon-Blixer, and et. all
I’ve a long way to go, and its just my first call.”
“Mr. Santa” I said, “Please accept this new coat
It looks like your old one got et by a goat
And its not quite befitting for a man of your girth
Its light as a feather- it’ll take you off earth.”
He took the new coat, and he whistled a tune
For the rest of his reindeer, at the height of new moon.
As he rose to the skies, his face filled with glee
Shouting “Early Christmas to each- make it all it can be!”

Is it Friday the 23rd yet???????? No blizzards in the forecast, unfortuantly.


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