Monday, December 05, 2005

First Snowfall

Winter has finally arrived in Western Virginia. (the snow flurries on the day before Thanksgiving, don't count!) Starting about noon today, commenced to heavy duty dumping, will get up to 6 inches. My coworkers (the ones that don't live in town) are planning to a (wo)man to call in. Me, I'm not worried. Its not ice- and the roads will probably be cleared pretty quick. And plus, my dad is driving me to work (he's a much better driver then I!) so I'll be ok. I hope school is not canceled tomarrow night, or final exams will be pushed back.(and I want to be DONE with that stupid statistic class!) They closed school early today, so I couldn't take one of my make-up tests. If school isn't cancelled- I'll try to get the make-up done before class tomarrow night.
Two memorable things happened at work today. One- the vending machine gave me .50 extra change, and two- I had these heavy, green, ugly, pillow sets to process. Each of the tote stacks weighed more then I do, and there were 12 stacks of them. A coworker helped me push/pull/yank/jerk/ slide/ drop them to the appropriate place. It took awhile. Definatly on my list of the most horrible, unforgettable work... (Other goodies on the list are: Soggy boxes from Hell, Missouri that were filled with confetti and styerfoam, protecting these extremily ugly Chinese vases.. Fake rabbit furs that had everyone breaking out in hives.. Luggage sets with boxes that were taller than I was.. Jeans that smelled like dead fish(from the stuff they put on it in manufacture).. Glass vases with various weird-looking flavorings that leaked around the top of the seal and had to be double-triple bubble-foam wrapped or it'd crack and the entire oily mess would flood the floor... White powder all over various clothes(this was around the time of the anthrax scare, and yes, they did take a sample!) Retail is very exciting sometimes.

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