Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

It's late,& my tired brain is running on East Coast brain in a West Coast world so I shall attempt to be brief. All I want for Christmas is a cure,but in the absence of that, a sparkly Tandem Tslim/G5 Dexcom duo would get my heart pumping. Or Afrezza,(inhaled insulin)which I would utilize when I had a high that I wanted to get down very quickly. Or mini-dose glucagon,which would also be shelf stable & a one step process. Or a mn Artificial Pancreas that would keep my blood sugars on a much more even keel.(been there,got the tshirt) Or a test strip disentegrator...or a 3D printer that "prints"test strips. All of these are very much in the pipeline,& of especial interest to myself. I don't expect a cure,Santa,& quite frankly I'd rather have answers to my magnesium problem but fixing the blood sugars to be more like that of a mild type 2 elevated bg,well that would be pretty awesome in my book. Not to trivialize their difficulties but as a person who sees 250+ at least once a day,I would love to have that problem. Pancreatin' is hard,yo.(not to be confused with procreating)

Anyway,that's all for now,Santa. Chocolate is always welcome,but none of that crappy sugar free chocolate for me this year,thanks. Go real or go home.


The Impossibly demanding,difficult,& perpetually on the Naughty A1C List Heidi