Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Welcome to the D-Log Cabin..

My first official post.
Q.How do I feel?
A. Like I did when I was a brand-new PWD.
So, I guess this will be a trial-and-error experience, (simular to D) as I play with things.
Anyway, I want to thank the welcoming committee(at Diabetes Talk Fest forums) for helping me out with this.

Now you're probably wondering- whats with the pic? This is my old MM508, and my two Minimed Max(es). I just thought it was too cute to resist NOT taking a picture of them. The one in the white shirt is Limited Edition (older) Max- the one in the blue shirt, the one Medtronic Minimed currently sells. I'm a sucker for cute stuffed animals anyway. Wish I had one to take with my Deltec Cozmo. Minimed Max was "born" on 12/01/98- I was diagnosed 12/10/98, so Maxie and I have alot in common.
More serious stuff later...