Friday, March 31, 2006

Walk the Line

Positive news on the glucose front- the "Streak" is over. Beautiful numbers. Life back to normal, in Diabetesville.
And then I woke up Thursday morning.
Apparently, last weekends' Eat-A-Thon had unforeseen effects. (beyond the instant lowering of my a1c, whooo hooo) This became immeadiedly apparent, during the mad rush to prepare for work.
None of my pants fit.
I briefly considered taking a "Fat Day", before remembering that my employment doesn't offer such benefits. In fact, if I tried it, I'd probably be forever immortilized in the Dumbest Excuse Ever Heard Hall of Fame, + get laughed at by security every time I walked through the door. Best not risk it.
Sucking it up, in, and under, I found the least offensive pair, selected an extra baggy sweater, packed my ultra healthy lunch, and waddled off to work.
Unfortuantly, the yogurt I'd packed for breakfast had gone spoiled, so I was "forced" to eat my back-up chocolate bar. I do much better if I eat something early in the morning, it doesn't have much to do with blood sugar levels. I just need that food in my stomach.
Lunch, was a Grilled Chicken Salad with a 85 blood sugar. Something finally going right...
At 2:30 pm, the floor manager held a meeting.
"Ok people, listen up. Everyone here?Are you SURE? We just got word that we've recieved another bomb threat (late last year we got one) and management has decided that we're going to let the authorities check this place out tonight. If they find anything, work is a no-go tomarrow. I want a complete update of everyone's phone numbers- let your supivisors know.
If you don't hear from us, work is still on. Now you're all adults- and capable of making your own decisions, I'm not going to tell you to not come tomarrow. You make that call. But if you don't, you'll be working Sat."
Suddenly, that morning's clothing woes seemed woefully insignificant.
Pandemonium ensued.
Last year, when we had the first bomb threat, they shut down for the weekend. 11 am, Friday morning they held the meeting- in five minutes, that place was emptier then the day before Christmas.
I made up my mind I'd come in today, if they didn't find anything. No way was I coming in Sat.
Approximently 1/2 my collegues didn't feel that way, however- the parking lot was pretty empty this morning! There was absolutely no problems, nothing blew up, and no trucks driving in. I was nervous, just like everyone else..but beyond that, the day was ok. I wore my medic alert today, if there was a problem, I needed the assurement of some sort of indentification on my body. Call it weird, but I needed it.(for peace of mind)
WEEKEND IN DC(Apple Blossom Festival)!!!!!!!!!!!:-) (maybe I'll find some shorts that fit..I need to do some serious exercising!)

Friday, March 24, 2006

Feeding time at the Zoo

Some days, it feels like feeding time at the zoo. You aren't hungry. You never want to see a bloody juice box again. But you have too, the insulin demands it.
And it goes on and on and on and on...
Many things can spark this off, extra activity, illness, various meds. But in my case, I'm fortuatate to know- once you know, you can adjust things, right?

Friday, March 24

12 pm- wake up, 65. Drink juice.
5:30 pm- 135.
7:30 AM- 72. Cut breakfast bolus in half.
8:30 AM- 224. Cut basal to 0.0 for next 3 hours.
11:30 AM- 90.
12:15 PM- 60.
This is the beginning of hypoglycemia extroidenaire (for the next week). I will average 5-7 lows per day, nothing will prevent them. My insulin needs will drop from an average 30 U/day, to under 10. (it has to do with hormones, and it happens several times a year)
Its a mini honeymoon, of sorts. During the daytime, I need no basal. At meals, my insulin/carb ratio quadruples, (1/40, vs.1/10) a "dangerous bolus" is anything over 2 U.
Every time it happens, I have no clue what I'm doing.

2:25 pm- 135 Cut basal to 0.0, for next 5 hours.
5:30- 150
7:30- 180
10:30- 55
Bedtime snack.
Saturday, March 24
4:30- 320. Bolus 4.5 units.
7:30- 62. Nothing like waking up low, on a Saturday morning.
Juice, fruit bar, granola. No holds barred. If I'm going to be constantly low, I'm going to make it a more pleasurable experience. (New rule- Anything I want, I eat) I will go to the most carb-ish restaurunt in town, and eat my way into an early grave. (just kidding)
Depending on how today goes, I also have glucagon on the stand by. I've never injected mini doses before, but I hear it can be helpful when dealing with prolonged hypoglycemia. Haven't had a glucagon shot in eons, (6 years?) I'm not sure how my body will react to that either but what the hey, I'm testing frequently anyway...(and I need to use 'em up before they expire!)
If that doesn't work, I'll call the endo. (probably will mean a trip to the ER)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

ADA Expos

I've been to one ADA expo. (2004) Didn't make it to last years.
As I recall,
-Chris Smith
wooed everyone with his extra low carb-fat-sodium-everything chocolate-strawberry dessert.
Surprisingly, it was edible. Surprisingly, it was even good. But I still wasn't going to pay $20 for his book.
- Fortuantly, I missed all the type 2 speeches. (they looked incredibly boring) It wasn't planned- I was two hours trying to find the place. Don't get me wrong- it was an incredible bonding experience( I agree with ya, Kerri) but I wasn't going to sit through varying levels of Diabetes 101 (Can I eat sugar? Do I have to take a shot?) if I could possibly NOT. That would be torture.
- Christopher Saudek,MD
was also a speaker. The Future of Diabetes (Type 1 cure) kinda speech. It was interesting, but he talked for over an hour(the convention was closing up shop, by the time he finished)
- The ADA was giving out free books. (any book from their catalog) I chose A Field Guide to Type 1 diabetes, got it a couple months later.
- The Ask the Endo and Ask the CDE booths were especially popular. (there were others- Ask the Podiatrist, Ask the Pharmacist, Ask the Dietician, Ask the Shrink) I got in line. 20 minutes on the CDE one, 45 on the endo. The endo sent his kid to get lunch, he was too busy to get it. There's dedication. I asked the endo if I would go into DKA less quickly then other people, given
I've got this kidney thing(DKA= acidosis. Kidney Thing= Alkolosis) that nicely balances things out. He said nope, I'd probably just get a "mixed-state" acidosis-alkolosis combo. Didn't recommend testing out that theory. As of last August I've learned, that it doesn't slow down DKA one iota, so there are absolutely no benifits to having weird, exotic diseases that clash with diabetes.
I wish they'd have the Expo when the cherry blossoms are in bloom-
I could get more bang for the buck. (DC experience)
I've never been to the Cherry Blossom Festival- I would love to go, this year. (even if I do have to make two trips (in April) to Washington DC)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Don't Get behind Me at Checkout

Potential is: a quart sized plastic baggie with several hundred skeins of crossstitch floss enclosed.
Every single one of those little buggers had a upc, and needless to say-it took FOREVER to get them all scanned. And Add ten more minutes, for the grocery items in my cart.
I felt sorry for the gentleman behind me, having to wait so long. He didn't act like he minded, he was really sweet. (telling me how his wife used to do things of that nature) For him, it was a trip down memory lane. For me, it was embarressing. And for the cashier, it was a pain in the gluteus maximus.
I'm currently working on several major projects(and one minor one). The minor one is a cross-stitch ornament, which I fully expect to have finished in 9 months. The major ones I work at, whenever the urge hits me. One is an EMT cross stitch, one is a JDRF crossstitch, and the other one is on hire from a coworker. All three are slowwwww going. I have to be in the mood, (for precision) and I have to feel like stabbing a piece of cloth ad nauseum. But it is a great stress reducer, particuraly after a doctor appointment.
I think I finally have the problems ironed out with Caremark(RE: the test strip situation). Gotta get a new strip RX faxed over, and see what happens.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Dashing Diabetic

Elk Sleigh Set in RWX for use in Active Worlds Universes

A Dashing Diabetic

(to the tune of “Jingle Bells”)

Dashing through the snow
To burn up my glucose
Down the streets I go
I should have upped my dose.
My cheeks are nice and red
My ears and nose are blue
Oh, what fun I’m gonna have
Till I hit 1-0-2!

Ohhhhhhhhh, Sugar Poke, my shoelace broke
My pump just hit the ground
Someone’s laughing at a joke
I wonder at the sound.
I start to shake, I need a break,
I must be getting low
I suddenly wish that they would make
Carbohydrate snow!

I set my basal down
I ate a healthy snack
I set a goal- across the town
I’d run, and then come back.
I had my Med ID
I had my new cellphone
I’d didn’t think I’d missed a thing
(I was being..typical Heidi!)

Ohhhhhhhhh, Sugar Poke, my shoelace broke
My pump just hit the ground
Someone’s laughing a joke
I wonder at the sound.
I start to shake, I need a break,
I must be getting low
I suddenly wish that they would make
Carbohydrate snow!

My Ketostix turned pink
I think I’ve made the link
Not to exercise today, its dangerous, you see.
I’ve got to drink and pee
Stick needles into me
Then I know, its fine to be
Exercising D!

Ohhhhhhhhh, Sugar Poke, my shoelace broke
My pump just hit the ground
Someone’s laughing a joke
I wonder at the sound.
I start to shake, I need a break,
I must be getting low
I suddenly wish that they would make
Carbohydrate snow!

Actually, since I don't live in Rural 101 anymore, I'm less nervous about going out jogging. Stores, restaurunts, shops everywhere. (potential hypo fixes) People who would actually call 911 if they saw me passed out by the side of the road. Living in town does have its advantages.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Guardian RT

The coolness factor of my endo's office just hit an all time high.
It happened this-a-way. While at the research study (a week ago), I noticed a large Medtronic Box peeking out from under the endo's desk.
I took a seat, handed over my meter, and waited as the research coordinator downloaded it. The research coordinator, of course, had her eyes on her computer (and as previously mentioned, the endo was on the telephone.) I scooted closer to the endo's desk, and peeked in the box.
My jaw hit the floor, and I scooted back in shock.
Uhh uhh I need air.. Did I just see what I thought I saw?
The research coordinator asked me a question, and my mind returned to matters at hand.
Later, I thought about it.
Boxes marked Guardian RT- is that Guardian REAL TIME? The REAL DEAL? How in the Sam's Hill did they get that, this isn't one of the select cities or anything like that.
Now dying of curiousity, I called Medtronic. The nice rep told me she couldn't tell me when they'd be available to the common masses, so much more "support-education" systems are needed to be put into place. And she happened to mention how, people go to these cities to get docs to prescribe them.("By the way, the closest one to you is in FL.")
Big whoop. I'll be an old women by the time they come available.
"Whose your doc?"
I mention name,city, state.
"Oh, they're doing a trial of them. You might want to see if he can get you into it. Various docs offices are trialing them..."
Hmmm, trialing. Sounds intruiging. I'd love to play with an RT, even if I couldn't own the thing. Just to see how it works, IF it would work, for me.
I called the Diabetes Education Nurse, left a message. Its a nice, juicy rumor, and I'd like to see if its true.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

More Freebies

According to the IP chat log, Cozmo users will be able to get a FREE case when they come out. You call their customer support line (1-800-826-9703 ) or register on their website.

The Cleo looks SO cool, but even if they were available, my insurance would probably not cover them. It's also the HOT new infusion set on the market, everyone is trying to get samples.

BC/BS has just informed me that they’re the wrong people to appeal too. (test strip coverage) Since the prescription benefits are entirely through Caremark, I’m supposed to appeal through them. I am confused, Caremark told me to appeal through BC/BS... I can tell that I'll be spending a lot of time on the telephone with this one.

I'm a stickler for Pepsi/Coke promos, it gives purpose to the $$'s I spend on their products.
On one of their former promos, (Every Ten Minutes-XBOX 360 giveaways) on of my codes "won." Only it wasn't MY code anymore, I'd given it to someone else because I figured I'd never win it. Then he told me, and I was like Augh! Why can't I ever win something like that?When he asked for codes for this promo, I asked him if he'd give me half (of the car value) should he win the car, he wasn't too enthralled with that suggestion. The conversation ended there.
I'm a sucker,but oh well- Diet Coke still rocks. (buying it is still worth it)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

March Mayhem

Some of my coworkers have begun to affectionately refer to me as "The Germ."
I have the flu. A nose tends to be in Status Elipticus the first few days of a cold/flu, I hope it will soon dry up.
Basics of Life:
Diet Coke
Bottle of Decongestant
Box of Tissues
Don't want no million bucks- all I want are my taste buds back! :-) (Saner BGs would also be nice)
Weird thing is, although its easier to get ketones with a fever, you don't get the same symptoms of being high. (or at least, I don't) The fever feels worse then the ketones.
I've only had ketones once, though. (testing regurally, just like every good little D should) This morning, I woke up 250, moderate ketones, and 100.2. Quickly got them down. I am trying to avoid going to the doc, I just hope it will blow over soon.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Drugs that cause Hypos and Hypers

Hyper- Hypo Drug Chart
(9th one down, next to Pumping Insulin)
It also has some excellent Addison's info.
Addison's Disease classifies as another autoimmune condition I do NOT want. Along with celiac,
hyper and hypo thyroidism, Vitiligo, Scleroderma, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, etc. Diabetes is quite enough, thank you very much. I would not cope well, if I got any of the above.

I thought this was rather interesting. Its handy to know what drugs are gonna do to your blood glucose.
Other biggies...
Symlin. (duh) Down, Down, Downnnnnnnnnnnnn............... Hello, Carpet.
Alpha Lipoic Acid. (Down) I don't have neuropathy, I take it solely for its glucose uptake properties. I figure, since it doesn't seem to have toxic quantities, anything it can do in the insulin sensitivity department is a positive thing. And its an antioxidant, too boot.
Magnesium. I've heard that D's are sometimes deficient in this anyway, sufficient levels of magnesium play a large role in regulating blood glucose levels. I've a kidney leak, (unrelated to D)and must take this and a dieretic to keep my blood levels of magnesium up. I can tell the differance, its harder to manage blood sugar levels when my magnesium levels are scraping bottom (versus when they're nearly normal) Its a good idea to get this checked- doctors don't generally run blood tests for it. (unless you're having other symptoms, like low potassium)
My sister-in-law's Cherry Pie. (definatly an upper!:-)

Anyone know of any other(s)?
(drugs, herbs)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

What (Not) to do with One's Weekend

Our Rescue Squad Chief (also a cop), drove his vehicle smack into an apartment building (during a high speed chase). Injured himself and a person in the apartment. The person being chased, escaped and was caught later on. He's a nice guy- I hope he doesn't get fired! (from the force and as Chief)
I don't know all the details yet, so I don't know who was at fault. They're all in the hospital, with the apartment owner critical.

Behavorial Biofeedback

Today was gorgeous, mid 60's.

Went in for the 3rd study visit, it took about an hour. I confessed to losing the meter, she said it wasn't a huge deal since I'm a control subject. Control subjects can be hugely irresponsible, and nobody will care. (point of referance- Diabetes Complication and Control Trial) I mean, come on. They might not have known the differances would be SO dramatic, but they probably had an idea that the folks in strict control would turn out better then the folks without...
In research studies, I usually get stuck in the "control" group. This time was no exception, all I have to do for the next 4 months is test. (not use the PDA) The other group will make more money.. sigh.
The endocrinologist, meanwhile, was seated across the office, talking up a blue streak on the telephone. I was expecting acnownal of existance, (a "hello" would have been nice) but she didn't say anything(even after she got off the phone). Must have been having a bad day.
Filled out paperwork for the next hour. In a rare twist of irony, since I'm a control patient, I get twice as much paperwork to fill out!
Next, it was off for bloodwork.
When I finally showed up, the tech asked me what took so long!
It took:
-2 minutes to walk down the hall
-1 minute waiting on elevator
-1 minute down the elevator to the 2nd floor
-4 minute hike to the next elevator
- 1 minute wait, down to the first floor
-7 minute hike to Main Hospital
-3 minute(s) to get up to the 8th floor
-And 2 more minutes off wandering around trying to find the RIGHT section of the
research center(there are two sections, stuck admidst the NICU, obstetrics, and several
other impatient units)
Thats what took so long. Blood draw, out in 2 minutes. (just an a1c)
I'm now going to bask in the last sun-shiney hour of this glorious day.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Just another Day

Thursday is the follow-up appt. with neuro-opth.

I had to take my pump off today, and periodically inject Novolog. At work, I was switched to another job, it was very intensive and my pump would have been smashed or worse. Rather then worry about it, I took it off. Towards the end of the day, I got very dizzy and shaky, didn't know whether it was a low, or just my body trying to tell me I'd abused it good and proper that day. (too much caffeine, too much lifting of heavy stuff!) I honestly didn't know- and that was kind of scary. I also didn't have time to take out to check, it was "Crush" time, go-go-go-get-it-finished (or else). As soon as I'd finished, I drank juice. (just to be on the safe side)
Numbers could have been worse...
90,268,70, 347, 135 (hour after work)
That's my day SWAG'ng it!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Dear Driver

The DMV sent me a nice little demerit point summary today.
How did I get so lucky? Theoretically, I could obtain 10 more demerits (before December) and not lose my license, but I'd rather not try it.
No more putting off license/registration renewal..
No more speeding down the Blue Ridge Parkway at 85+ mph...
No more putting the pedal to the medel, soon as the light turns green..
Another resolution- the hard way!

We once owned a school bus, when I was a kid. Used it as the primary mode of transportation, when the family van was being worked on. ( a friend bought it from the county, and gave it to us)
And when our van got fixed, we used it to haul wood. (for our woodstove) I thought it was cool, because there were only a few seats still left (in the back), and they DIDN'T HAVE SEATBELTS. We kids could goof off, with minimal parental involvement (as my Mom would usually be too busy trying to drive the thing, and not be looking back at us). Of course, its max speed was about 30 mph, but nobody cared about that. Riding on a bus, when you're homeschooled, is really cool. (Yeah, I guess I'm a redneck!)
We didn't, however, use it as a school! This picture just brought back memories.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

100 Days (again)

I don't need more exercise- at least, not until the weather is 60+ degrees on a regular basis. Retail is pretty strenuous, (lugging 50 lb boxes around + whatnot) and I'm generally whooped by the end of the day.
But I think the 100 days thing going around the OC is a good thing.
So here's my resulution.
I'll be writing down all my blood sugar numbers for 100 days. The good, the bad, the not-so-great.
That should be enough to tax my mental(and physical) powers to their limit.
I think I'll get one of those Smart Checkbooks (from the Diabetes Mall) , they're small and compact.
Bought a box of Girl Scout Cookies yesterday, the "Caramel Delights." I don't often get them, the last time I had any was over a year ago.
133 carbs for the WHOLE box.
And one has to eat the whole box, you can't eat 1-2. They're just too good. It doesn't feel like you've just consumed 2x the usual amount of mealtime carbs and 980 calories.
I should get another box, lock it up, and use it for low days. They send up blood sugar in a hurry. I'm not used to bolusing for GS it was trial and error last night, but all GOOD.
It is cheaper just to buy them when you run into a friendly GS troup... on Ebay, when you figure in the s&h costs they're often $5+ a box.

It is getting cold again, expecting more snow tonight. I got some more cool ipod cases (that also doubles as pump cases), pumps deserve to be kept warm too.. They're called ipod
"Hoodies" and they're all the latest rage. (pump is in the black, ipods in the blue, and gray is the spare) Too cute to pass up!

Friday, March 03, 2006


A Cure Poem

Di-a-beat-eez, my doc said with a drawl
I tried to be brave (but started to bawl)
To be joining those ranks, was not my intent
At that one little word- my whole world was rent.
From all of us folks (who have heard that word)
The following comes, in our quest to be cured.

C for commitment, our minds to inspire
U for uniting- joined hearts are on fire.
R for resources, we use towards the goal
E for the END- we all play a role.

I for the med we both love and hate (insulin)
T for the type- the genes hold our fate.

N for knowledge, ever growing in rate
O for the One Touch- checks early and late
W for when we can rewrite this slate!
(I can't sew...just to foreworn all unsuspecting clickers)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Early Friday

Image Preview
(this isn't what I look like, its what I eat like!)
Some days my eating habits rival those of an adolescent on prednisone.
- Container yogurt
-peppermint, butterscotch, 2 rolls smarties
-a gallon water, (2)12 oz Diet Mt. Dews
- Hershey Whopper bar
- Large Hershey Peanut Butter Cup bar
- bag of cheetos
-Large order of Chicken strips, Fries(ketchup and honey mustard..)
All of this stuffed down my gullet prior to 2 pm.
Tonight's fare will be some type of cream bar, some source of protein.

Compliments of BGAT, I recognize my own quirky symptom of impending DKA. Last night, I had a mild asthma attack + crawled into bed to sleep it off.
11 pm. I'm dreaming about rotton fruit and in the dream, my heart's pounding. I wake up, still smelling rotton SOMETHING and my heart is still pounding.
This is not an impending insulin reaction- this is the other thing. When I go very high, my heart rate maxes out 130+.
I check the stove- I forgot to put the chicken noodle soup away + it stinks.YUCK.
I check the blood sugar. 496.
10 unit shot, 5 glasses water. Check infusion set. (disconnected) Mystery solved...
Reattach, crawl back into bed.
3 AM. Repeat above scenario, inject 5 u insulin. 270
6 AM. 130.
6:30 AM. Another asthma attack.
10 AM. Over the asthma, I commence to eating. That's when most of the above happened. (except the yogurt I had for breakfast)

I have tomarrow off- hopefully I'll get more (then eating) accomplished.