Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Be(ing) Me, Bravely

So much happened in 2014, that I didn't have the time (or inclination) to blog about. My blog has turned into a ghost town, with the occasional sighting of human life. (like, once every 5 months?) But really thats ok, because its better then the constant angst of one thing after another going haywire in my life. 2014 was the year of REDISCOVERY, and really, you'd have thought by this point in life I'd have my life plan pretty well mapped out, well, no. 
  Major highlights: getting baptized, joining the church in August, joining MOPS organization, getting my 10 year Eli Lilly award, having a .6 drop in my a1c, getting my back semi-straightened out by the chiropractor. Seeing my boy grow up from toddler to now chatty preschooler!(not in preschool yet but he just started Early Intervention services with the elementary school.)
  Major lowlights: getting pericarditis/flu/hospitilization/ spending the rest of the year on magnesium infusions. (pretty much a non stop bad health spree).
  But all in all, I have hopes that this year could be better. Regarding my magnesium issues, and after exstensive record keeping I feel like there is life at the end of the tunnel. I have figured out how much I need on a daily bases, and the right blend of various forms of magnesium to make that happen without being too much for my intestines. (kind of. Its a work in progress.) I have learned other ways to get magnesium in (foods, through the skin). It (level) will never be high but it may be enough to live without IV'S. (non fun fact: magnesium infusions are always given in Dextrose 5, which always jack up my blood sugars and the nurses wonder why. Why d'ya think?) Oddly enough, the foods that are the magnesium powerhouses are also the powerhouses for potassium, iron,Vit. C, etc. so I am eating alot healthier these days. So I'm currently testing my theories of "how much do I actually need" out, which is a bit nervewracking but I'm taking it by degrees(2,3,4, 5 weeks out) before getting IV's. (before discussing this with my nephrologist, who I don't really like or feel like he knows anything more then I do but kind of need him to write the orders)I feel very fortunate that my veins have held up, but I want them to start to heal from all the scar tissue and that is going to take awhile.
 I've also decided that random weird health circumstances seem to happen to me, more then most people I know and if I can't "have it all", then what I choose will be to have another child before that becomes an impossibility. I'm not going to get into all that via this blog, only to say that the a1c is perhaps the easiest part of that particular equation. Young J is now 3 years old, and so many things just feel incomplete with just one kid. (Your Experience may Vary) If that means putting nursing on the back burner for awhile so be it.) And things invariably get considerably less rosy, and more risky the older one gets. (diabetes non withstanding)
     So, in recap, I want 2015 to be a year of healing...a year of support, a year where I can begin to redream my dreams and a year of better control D-wise.