Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dday: In the Next 15 years

In 15 years I've leaned that diet coke and sugar free gum (together) taste like stinky socks.

In 15 years I've learned to stand up for myself with every HCP I've met. Sorry, but I know more then you do.

In 15 years I've traveled to Hawaii, Canada,Denmark, England..with a few hours in Amsterdam to boot.

In 15 years I've dated three guys, married one guy, and celebrated wedding anniversary #6.

In 15 years I've given blood 43 times.(can't do it anymore,due to the magnesium issues)

In 15 years I've had between 80-100 magnesium infusions.

In 15 years I've passed out from lows 4x. My lowest low was under 10 mg/dl,and I've had a 12 & 19 as well. I've never had a number in the 20's but probably every other on the meter(30 on up to 600)...I've been there.

In 15 years the smell of Kendall alcohol swabs still smells like a flashback diagnosis.

In 15 years I've been to diabetes conferences & met many,many,many, good folks with diabetes.

In 15 years I've become very addicted to diet coke.

In 15 years I've gone from Regular/Lente/45 second meter to a Tandom insulin pump/Verio meter.

In 15 years I've gone through a successful pregnancy & have a very active almost 2 year old little boy.

In 15 years I've had 4 endocrinologists.(#4 for 6 years now)

In 15 years I've gone to two community colleges, became EMT-B certified,had a brief stint doing EMS, and failed out of the RN program at the end of the 3rd semester.(with only 1 to go)

In 15 years I've participated in 3 diabetes & driving studies, 3 Artificial Pancreas studies,1 " D & Vit. C" study & 1 injectable polypeptide study. None of them managed to kill me.

In 15 years I've rafted the Colorado, felt the cool mist of Niagara Falls, waded in the frigid North Sea & baked like a lobster in the glorious Hawaiian sun.

In 15 years I've had 7 surgeries.
In 15 years I've had two paying jobs,neither of which I liked.(daycare & sweatshop,take your pick)
In 15 years I've seen a former Prime Minister, a Queen, & a US President in person.

In 15 years I've learned that you can never have too many carbohydrates on your person.

In 15 years I've pricked my finger thousands of times, gone through my body weight in insulin(I'm sure) peed on strips and sticks and all sorts of things..injected sharp things into my body thousands of times,& resorted to eating Tums when there was nothing else available to treat the hypoglycemia.

In 15 years I've voted in three presidential elections and 10 state ones.
In 15 years I've owned 18 different meters.(yes,it's a bit of an obsession..I cannot say no to a free meter)

In 15 years I want to travel to Europe, ride elephants in Asia, count Kangaroos in Australia, and go to an Olympics.

By 15 years..I want to have another baby.

In 15 more years I want to be cured.(or at least have an artificial pancreas)

In 15 years I want to have a nursing degree& specialise in pediatric pulmonology.

In 15 years I want to be healthy,more so then I am now..and free from D complications.

In 15 years I look forward to having all kinds of adventures with my family!( I want them to all be happy & healthy as well)

In 15 years I want to have my book published.
In 15 years I want to run a marathon.
And I want to meet more PWD...as well as stay in touch with the ones I know. Thank you for being there.

Bring on the next 15 years.