Friday, August 31, 2007

The Element of Glucose

Not to belabor the obvious, but the homeostatic range of human glucose is tight. Very tight. And I'm not just saying this as an individual with type 1 diabetes.

Normal people have highs(temporary) + lows too. Case in point: my fiance, who suddenly
needed to eat when were out shopping. I would have whipped out my meter to check his blood sugar, but he was already buying something and eating it. This is a guy who gets regular (yearly) physicals and is exceedingly healthy.(no D, or hypoglycemia problems) Probably nothing to worry about.(as a one time occurance)

You don't appreciate the fine tunings of the human body until something goes wrong.

When oxygen is like liquid gold, you just can't get enough.

When water is guzzled in gallons, to replete that 75% percentage body weight.

When various minerals need repleting, before body organs start malfunctioning.

And glucose, in its many forms, is no less essential. 20 mg/dl off, and the brain goes into fritz, the body starts shaking, and the urge to eat is stronger then beating of your heart. Conversely, 60 mg/dl in opposite direction and the kidneys start excreting the excess, dehydration creeps in and the excess sugar starts damaging organs,nerves,the whole enchilada.

If it were up to me, I'd make the "normal" range 60-250 mg/dl. That way, I'd be in range 99% of the time... It's such a fine balance, I wish it weren't. Attempting euroglycemia is like playing Russian Roulette between the brain(lows) and the kidneys(highs). Sometimes, you take a bolus + you know full well you'll be fighting hypoglycemia withing the hour but what else can you do, you just ate and gotta take SOMETHING. How much of that something depends on existing IOB, current exercise, bg, and sensitivity. Maybe I need overhaul my insulin carb ratio.

You just can't get away from it, just like breathing, if somethings not right the body lets you know it. It's great to be in range most- all of the time, mentally, it's so relaxing and a non-D just doesn't understand that but its just so wonderful. Having come down from Cloud Nine. Would be that this streak lasts awhile. When I get a CGMS, I will be a much more relaxed, energetic individual-normal bgs are so great.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone!
(goodbye, 25, it was nice knowing you!)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Top Twelve Indicators that Your Diabetes Control is Sub-optimal(aka, sucks)

Top 12 indicators that your diabetes control sucks
1. You know every member of the rescue squad by name.
2. Hospital food tastes good, you've gotten used to it.
3. Your blood sugar meter has gotten quite friendly of late as it greets you with frequent "HI's.”
4. Your blood sugar meter goes on strike and refuses to work anymore.
5. You never have any money- it all goes to co-payments to your health insurance company.
6. Your endocrinologist uses you as a "reverse" poster child an example of what every diabetic should NOT be.
7. You break down bawling when your endocrinologist asks how you've been.
8. You can't remember what it feels like to have a normal blood sugar and not crash low 15 min. later.
9. You are checking out medical center's pancreas transplant programs like normal people research for the car of their dreams.
10. You'd give your right arm to have a day that type 2's consider "bad". (6- 10 mmol/l, aka 108- 180 sounds just fine to ME)
11. You know your Medic Alert number like your social security number and can recite it frontwards, backwards, + while waking up from a massive hypoglycemic event.
12. The local convenience store apologizes for being out of chocolate bars. (you are their most loyal customer)

All of my bgs for the past 2 days have been over 350, and there have been 3 HI's(over 600) in the past week. Needless to say, I canceled my scheduled endocrine appointment + don't think I should reschedule till I have a month of solid good numbers under my belt to offset the impending disastrous a1c. I think, at some point,my pcp will communicate with the endo + there will be heck to pay but right now, I really don't even FEEL like being a good diabetic.(I'll settle for under 200)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ditzy with a "D"

One Word: Ace Inhibitors are NASTY. One other word, never start taking them when another medical issue is rearing up its head.

I am dizzy, and the AI hasn't really dropped my blood pressure but when you stuff 5 differant (potent) drugs into your patient, attempting to problemsolve its probably no wonder you're dizzy. Discharge,I made it to the door before the security guard drug me back to the lobby + told me to rest, got a blanket + no one bothered me for the rest of the night. Dizzyness is the pits.

Off to the restroom to puke, then call my gastro doctor.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Tax-Free Weekend

As you're probably aware, several states had their sales tax-free weekend last weekend.(and Texas, will be having theirs the weekend of the 17-19th)

Prime oppurtunity to go spend some cash-it was like Black Friday all over again. And, as an employee of Company X, I got a 20% discount that weekend(another excuse to go shopping).

First stop:

Kmart #1. The theme music from Mission Impossible dancing through my head, I grab a cart and zoom toward the pharmacy, where I deposit the RX to be filled. Next, I grab 2 Zest soaps+ an AA 8 pack and head toward electronics, where I'll shortly find out whether I'll be in this store for the next 2 hours.
"Here you go," the cashier hands me the soaps,batteries, AND the $10 gift card.

Darn. I'm going to be here awhile.

Head back to the pharmacy, where I pay for the transferred rx with the gift card and get another $30 gift card.(Kmart honors competetitors coupons)

Fill up with more soaps, batteries. Head for checkout. Cashier can't scan coupons,so I end up spending an extra 45 minutes at Customer Service, but when its all said and done I've got another $50 in gift cards.

Next stop: CVS.This goes considerably smoother, and I'm out of there in 15 minutes.It's a favorite, because they've always got coupons and Extra Bucks
to cut down on the cost. $2.36 gets me $26 worth of stuff.

Go to Kmart #2. Try out battery offer with electronics cashier, but it gets squashed when they call up front and find out the deal is dead.(at this Kmart)
Oh,well.Stock up on clearanced priced clothes, made sweeter by the $5 off coupon in the paper. Pay with gift cards.

Go to Target, Staples,TJMaxx,Walmart. Stop in at 5 Guys. Feel Re-Act-ion-Y, drink real coke while waiting for the burger. Eat peanuts.Shake.Wonder why, since the meter reads 100.Figure the hot weather has something to do with it. Eat burger, feel better.

Go to Barnes & Noble, spend the next 2 hours deeply engrossed in the latest book on the British royal family.At some point,every teenage girl develops a crush (on the king-to-be) That,of course,is now a pointless exercise(for anyone single) since he's (most probably) taken. It looks pretty solid for him and Kate.(since breaking up, and getting back together)

Got home around midnight. I hope to make enough gc's off the Kmart deal to get a new digital camera.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Weekday Bump

I need a bumper sticker that describes my frustrations with the lack of funding/D in general. Didn't find what I was looking for on, so I'll have to design it myself.

And, in other news, my doc's office has decided to stop being personally responsible for their patients when they're admitted to the hospital. I guess the workload was too great. Now, you're turned over to a "hospitalist"(the latest and greatest of 21st century medical care) who will provide whatever medical care you may need. You can read about my experience with THAT system here. It was a grand and glorious disaster,and if I'd have listened to that dude for my diabetes care I'd have spent much longer in the hospital.
I've made up my mind that, at any point,my doctor decides to admit me it won't be to that hospital. Said hospital has an even worse reputation then the one I live near.
Especially not since my doc wouldn't even be looking after me-I would never go there. If I needed hospitlization,I'd head over to the medical center where I know I wouldn't have to worry about anything diabetes related.(they're tops) They've got their disadvantages though(long drive,and its a teaching hospital)
Health care is more of a business these days, and hospitals are starting to wake up to that fact. The ones around here,just need to wake up faster.

The coffee vendor at work is running a promotion this week(unlimited free coffee,out of the machine)and its been extremely popular.(as you can imagine) I didn't take into account that the optional "sweetener" button meant sugar, so I've had quite a few really high blood sugars the past couple of days. Now, I know.(bolus ALOT beforehand)By the time I try all 30 flavors, I'll have my boluses down to a T.

Wedding plans are bumpin' right along- I've got tons to do, and its probably not going to end till its over! The date/time/rehearsal dinner/place/honeymoon plans/and cake have all been decided on. This week, I've gotta order the invitations + start checking out flower shops.
102 days,folks.