Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Status Epilepticus

Over the course of the weekend...
My computer mouse died. Went into a hypoglycemic fit, and didn't stop. Or, at least that's what I think happened to it. That happened Friday. Poor thing.

- - -
1 AM, Sunday morning-I got the grade A, let it 'rip from both ends stomach virus.
Nothing stayed down, I exausted any "free puke" rules long ago. Didn't know if I had any ketones + frankly, didn't care. Blood sugars hovered in the mid 100's range.
9 AM, Sunday morning- Extreme abdominal pain, couldn't get up without passing out so that kind of eliminated any driving plans + I call 911.
9:20 AM- Puke up some more, en route to hospital.
12 PM- Dierrea begins. Puking temporarily quits. Spike temperature.
3 PM- ER doctor makes the decision to admit me. Hospital doctor asks me if I "stick to my diet". I'm so annoyed at this I begin to think even my pcp has a better grasp of things then this doctor.
3:30 PM- IV antibiotics start.
4 PM- Admitted.
6 PM- Eat jello. Cute pharmacist comes by with a spare AAA battery for my pump thereby saving me from a fate worse then death.(hospital sliding scale)You rock,dude.
7 PM- Go for xrays.
8 PM- Throw up jello.
Next morning...
Blood pressure stays low all day(80/40's low). Didn't know it was possible to have that and still be a functioning member of the human race.
9 AM- Doc in. Informs me that my electrolytes, blood pressure are still too low + the dierrea needs to stop before getting out.
Spend most of day conked out on anti-nausea drugs.
6 PM- Blood sugar spikes to 300's. Bolus.
300's all night..
6 AM- BP, electrolytes, temperature are now back to normal.
11 AM- Get out of hospital.
The local hospital isn't all bad, but they were still pretty clueless on all matters food related + insulin needs. And not once did they check urine ketones. You don't expect University style care, but its still kind of rough to have to handle such monumental dosing decisions when you personally could care less. Its still diabetes, its still up to you, and it never goes away.
Blood sugars have been upper 200's today-it seems bgs are much better when you're upchucking all those calories. Need to increase my basals tonight.
The one positive thing about all of this, it appears my a1c has gone down by .5 since that a1c in November. I can't wait to tell my pcp doc that..
Last week was kinda tough emotionally, but I'm determined that I will try to do better + not let it get me down.I'm on the right track.
And its the end of the grueling work pace-rest of the week I'm off work while my body recuperates.


Scott K. Johnson said...

That does not sound fun! I hope you get back to 100% soon.

"Do you follow your diet" - what kind of question it that? You should have asked him/her if they follow THEIR diet!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

oh that sounds so terrible! At least you made it out okay!

Pfft, you should have asked that doc exactly which diet he was referring too. That should at least garner a look from him

Minnesota Nice said...

OMG Heidi - what a deal. I have been in the hospital four times in my 32 year career with db and never received what I would call even "adequate" care.
So do they have any idea what caused this? Is it related to your other g.i. problems?
You've had a lot to deal with. Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're home and feeling better! Sounds like a rough week.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your crappy weekend. I'm just glad to hear it didn't really involve Status Epilepticus.

Anonymous said...

shit! i hate sliding scales too. they are usless.

hope things get better.

vic x

Jen said...

Oh man. That does not sound fun. I'm glad you got a spare battery. I hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

What an experiene - YUCK! Isn't it nice to have understanding, helpful doctors? ....

bethany said...

yuck sorry you had such a crappy weekend ... hope you're feeling better now!

type1emt said...

Scott-I think I just mumbled something like "Yes,I try to eat healthy, just like anyone" but he wasn't paying that much attention anyway..
Kathy,no, its not related to the other gi stuff just the stomach virus going around(according to the doc)