Friday, December 29, 2006

Wanted- One Runaway Insulin Pump

Description of Missing Entity

Aquamarine colored. Likes long tubing, frequently roams refridgeraters at midnight.
Answers to "Lambo JR."(it's a long story how said pump got name-involving a 3 AM alarm,Lycra,and a negative radio wave from the Land Down Under)
Prefers a full resevoir. Frequently gets knots in tubing, for no reason whatsoever.
Difficult to live with, but impossible to live without.

Last Seen: Sometime Friday morning, before owner decided to disconnect + clean the house.

Last seen wearing: Black clip-on case.

Reward: The satisfaction you'll get of helping a Type 1 PWD regain her sanity.

Additional Bonus:
Anyone who would like to come over and help clean house/search for pump will also get a generous supply of Sugar-Free Christmas Candy.(I have tons of it, as usual)


Anonymous said...

Oh man! Does it feel really weird to be missing something that has been attached to you for so long?!

Anonymous said...

That would make me insane. Damn. I hope you find it soon. That would suck. Bad.

julia said...

Oh that sucks, I hope you find it soon.

Anonymous said...

You know the poor little thing is probably feeling frightened and all alone.

Have you tried leaving out some insulin bottles to entice it?

I know this is stating the obvious but where we you when you last used it, or when you disconnected it? Maybe it's near there.

I hope you can Lambo JR soon.

asskeeper said...

Maybe Lambo jr. needs a visit from fozzie dah pump. I would try the one thing my mom always says to do retrace your steps. I know it is funny, but generally works. Oh how full is the reservoir will find it if it alarms and you are home. My other suggestion is next time you clean just do a temp basal of 0 for the time you plan to clean for.

Anonymous said...

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