Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday at the Woodgrill

For some reason, I can't post replies on some people's blogs..kind of frustrating. Blogger won't let me sign in.

The Scene: Main Street.

The Setting: Grand Opening of the latest "Woodgrill." 1/2 price off, including the complimentary drink + baked potato. I'm standing in line, with the rest of the local yokels to get in on this deal.There's a nip in the air, and its getting darker,as the daytime 50's gradually drops on down to the 20's. Man, I wish I'd worn my coat.
Jam up ipod volume, wave arms around, stamp feet. Reach door.
"DKA" cuts through the static + I reach for the pause button. What was that? Who in the heck says DKA, unless they're also a real live type 1 PWD..

The tall, lanky,sandyhaired stranger to my left smiles at the middle-aged women behind me. "Nah, I haven't been in a hospital in 23 years, not since I was diagnosed."
"Lucky." The women nods. "Not a good situation to be in."
"Well, it's not something I ever plan to be in again."
"People should just take care of themselves..."

I look with respect at this fit,trim,example of diabetic longetivity. They exist, they really do. People who are completely healthy- except for the diabetes. People who don't take 10 other drugs w/their insulin. People who've never been in the hospital, except at diagnosis. Amazing. Even more so, if this guy was diagnosed by any of the docs around here..I often feel like the only type 1 within a 200 mile radius, so finding another local PWD is a rare/never occurance.

And then, I go in, polish off 1. plate of Chinese 2. Baked Potato 3. Salad 4. Fruit 5. 3 types of pie, ice cream, and a cookie 6.Coffee/tea and put that insulin pump to good use(thank goodness for technology). And thank goodness my appetite has returned. en masse. No seafood though.(not for a long time)


Scott K. Johnson said...

Funny how those little snippets of "D" stuff can grab our attention isn't it!?

I've also had some problems commenting - so I think it's something going on at the big "G" (Google).

If you see him again, do you think you'll talk to him? Or do you prefer to keep that stuff private?

Anonymous said...

How come I NEVER meet another D, hear someone talk about D, seen another's insulin pump..... And I have had D for 45 years and am doing just fine! I also have trouble on the sites - Blogger doesn't recognize who I am, I have to write the dam span letters a million times, I have to write comments repeatedly before they are "recognized" and never is the personal info saved. So you are NOT alone in your computer trouble. My suggestion is - don't give up. If you try the same thing over and over it finally "wakes up" and works. Frustrating!

Anonymous said...

Wow, holey smokes man, that is a huge meal! Sounds tasty! We have cookies and meatballs and pinwheels at work today. My pants are already fitting tighter. Im such a bum…

Scott K. Johnson said...

When I've used the whole "" thing at the end of my username when I sign is, I have been able to log in.

Give that a try...

So instead of using just "skjohn8", I would put ""

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

i have been having that problem with signing blogs.

sounds like you really worked your pump. I tested mine yesterday by eating 130g carb worth of cadbury's chocolate eclairs.

YUMMY- gonna test it now too by eating shortbread!

type1emt said...

Ok,I'll try that..thanks,Scott.

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...


Um, yeah we tried to change the ultra, the other one touch meter don't remember then name, the acenscia (sp?) ones, I have two, um, the freestyle mini and the acu check aviva.... kinda given up. I have even called these people, they say you can't change the factory settings.