Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Post Yuletide Greetings

May I do a bit of unprecedented, out-and-out, no holds barred, Extremius Maximus bragging here?
(to heck with it- I'm doing it anyway)

The first number to grace my meter (7 AM) Christmas morning was a lovely 124. I didn't deserve it, and I'm sure I have no clue just WHY it decided to drop 60 points overnight, but I wasn't complaining.
Breakfast was an onslaught of King Cake(sans icing, my SIL forgot to make it),Eggnog,smoked wienies, potato-sausage bake,and fruit salad. So awesome good(and stuffing) I had my doubts that I'd ever be able to eat again, much less another major meal later in the day.
12 PM rolled around, and I pulled out the test kit for a check on just how brutal the damage had been. I was pleasantly surprised when the meter read 178-I thought I'd at least be 150+ points above that.
By 2 PM, dinner was ready and I'm down to 108(feeling low,even though I'm not).Hungry once more, and ready to do battle with the succulunt sweet potatos(dripping in sweet sauce),garlic-y mashed potatos, ham + gravy, homemade rolls,
green bean casserole, appetizer platter...Forget the pie, I was stuffed. Bolus for that too.
6 PM- 188.I'm utterly amazed by the fact that I'm not 200's,300's,or worse-everything is actually working. Rarely do my SWAGS work out so well. Indulge in pecan pie/whipped topping and a follow-up ham sandwich.(ok,that's it,I'm really stuffed now)
11 PM- 170.
Does it get any better? (True,they aren't exactly ADA approved blood sugars but I'm thrilled,I had no clue how many carbs were in the vast majority of those things.I was just bolusing blindly.)Diabetes wise-Christmas ROCKED, and otherwise it did too-all my family got in,even my Marine brother + my sister from New Mexico. Occasionally,diabetes isn't the predictibly annoying, unstable,crud- things just fall right into line + you really think you're dreaming...
6 AM- 178.
12 PM- 188.
3 PM- 183
4 PM- Resorted back to the good o'le 200's. Nice while it lasted.

Work has shut down till Jan.4, so they can get stuff straight to work on inventory when we all come back. I know I've been an uncooperative party RE the insane amounts of overtime they've recently put us through, but now that I'm looking at 1.5 weeks of unpayed indolence,I'm bored already. True,this is a chance to get the house in tip-top shape + get caught up on everything else, but I guess its the social interaction that I really miss. Even being throughly and roundly cussed out by one's coworker(like I was last Thursday) is a thrill,of sorts. (at least you know you've made an definate impact in their life)
Come on,folks-get back from Christmas Vacation, I want to comment on some blogs..gotta do something with all this spare time.


Anonymous said...


Super awesome BG's there! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got good numbers.
OMG Heidi, do you really like green bean casserole?
Although I do suppose there are a number of ways to make it and I just haven't had the appropriate variation.

type1emt said...

Yeah- I love green beans,whatever form they're fixed in.(casseroles, bean salad,etc.)

carriecz said...

Hi Heidi! I am looking at getting a Cozmo and just found your site. Do you like it? Anything you DON'T like about it? Thanks a ton!