Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Luck O' the Pumper

Every one of 7 infusion sets (over the past couple of days) has fallen off, they aren't staying in very well. Usually, I put a layer of Tegaderm or IV prep, then insert the set(manually) through that. You'd think it was summer, the way that Tegaderm is sweating off. When the Tegaderm layer is 3/4 off, and the Silhoette patch is flapping up and down(the tube just BARELY in) it usually is just a matter of an hour before the entire thing just goes to pot. No matter how careful I try to be, not to bump it.
Time to break out my limited stash of Smash-and-Apply Matisol ampules. (kind of look like those emergency snakebite things.)

A day later- it's already starting to come off, but the fact that it lasted a day is very, very impressive. Lasted longer then the other sets did! I really think I need superglue.

And I'm not the only one in the OC to be having recent infusion set

Saw a bumper sticker today that said "HI- It's the only way to live life" and while they were obviously talking about marijuana(and other assundries), I could only see it from the diabetes angle. Having been HI(and just about every number in between), I can say that HI's make a pretty lousy life. I can't see a drug high being any better, both produce temporary exotic sensations and are extremily bad for your body. Don't do it, folks- try to be kind to your meter this holiday season.

And speaking of having every blood sugar on the meter, that's not quite true. I've (consciously) had 60's,50's,40's, 30's, teens, and 1 LOW- but have never tested in the 20's. I've probably been in the 20's, just never tested then. Back when I was going through a rough patch of not feeling lows,(till around 40) when I did get low I'd be too freaked out about how low I was so I'd eat like all get out + not test.
Now, I feel my lows pretty well but if I'm really low I always just eat(and test, to make sure I'm coming up.) The last thing I feel like doing is testing in the middle of a low, and testing is not going to change anything about the course of action. My lows have also changed(in that, I'm completely blockheaded during them) it wasn't like that when I first got diabetes. I could be in the teens, and holding a perfectly lucid conversation. I guess that's a good change, it could trigger someone else to the fact that I'm low.Like if I were ever considering matrimony, and thus a potential Husband Hypo(r) Alert. Must be nice.

And on a side note, I didn't eat at Taco John's last week, but I would also recommend not eating at certain (chain)seafood establishments, at least in this state. Every time an ad for seafood would play(on the hospital tv set),I'd have to turn the tv off(before throwing up)-I am not a big fan of seafood right now. Seafood didn't cause it, but it certainly helped.(other family members didn't get near as sick)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are feeling better! I don't think I've ever tested in the 500's, but I did test in the 600's, 400's, 300's, 200's, 100's, 50's, 40's, 30's, 20's, teens, and LO so we are alot alike on that one!

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

i'm always having problems with sets. ALWAYS! for various reasons.

And like you my meter is seeing every number going at the moment. though *touch wood* i've only ever read HI once in 5 years. Yay

Anonymous said...

I'd insist on having the box of infusion sets under that lot number replaced by the manufacturer.