Saturday, December 16, 2006

Apple Pie High

Take a good whiff.

One sniff, and I was stoked. Nothing like a Home Interiors Apple Pie candle to bring you back to what it's all about. (Best of all-this Apple Pie doesn't do a number on your blood sugar control.) Doubly so, when I found out we didn't have to work
Saturday.(this was on Friday)
Monday, however, is going to be a tad nuts. (coming in an hour earlier- and they'll be combining two departments into one(OURS). The prime objective, is to blow all the orders completely out by the end of Thursday, for a nice, long, holiday weekend. And since someone's on vacation, their job falls in my lap(and I'll have 18 people to overlook, versus 8. It's going to be a headache.)
Had a coupon for a $25 gift card, with a transferred RX from another pharmacy. Most of the stores around here honor competetitor's coupons, so the fact that the coupon was from an entirely differant pharmacy didn't matter. So- I take it in to my local, friendly, WallyWorld, where I wait 1.5 hours where they simultaniously manage to get A. My address B. My last name and C. My insurance info all wrong, and I've had things filled there before. Recently, in fact.
Then, the Customer Service Manager(CSM) gets paged back to take a look at my coupon,and after some weighty deliberations she tells me "Sorry,can't do it-we have a policy of nothing free with coupons."
I point out that Other-Side-of-Town Wallyworld apparently doesn't have the same policy, because they once did the same thing over there, no problems.
She repeats "Sorry,can't do it."
Ok. I need the RX anyway, so I pay for it.The pharmacy tech hands me my insulin + sends me to the middle window to "talk to the pharmacist."
Pharmacist: This is in-sul-in. Do you have any questions about it?
Me: No. I certainly know what insulin is by now. Thank you.
Slightly odd that the pharmacist would think I have questions about a transferred insulin prescription, that I've obviously been taking for quite some time.
I'd have to say that particular medication would be the last thing I'd have a question about.
I'm definatly going to transfer the RX back-I got much better service with the other pharmacy.


Scott K. Johnson said...

I love those scented candles - they can bring back memories in a heartbeat can't they!

Wow - I would be really worried after they mixed up all that information - not a confidence builder at all!!

Too bad that you weren't able to use the coupon.

Anonymous said...

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