Friday, November 30, 2007

Where the Union Jack Meets Stars/Stripes/and Bars

Up at 4:30, Dulles airport by 6. Uneventful pass through airport security.
(nothing patted down,wanded,or set off) Oh my gosh,first class is POSH.
(I've never experienced that before,heck I've never even had anything
more then nuts or pretzels on 4+ hour flights!) Complimentary breakfast of omelet/mushroom,fruit bowl,sausage,yogurt that I can't half touch because we
just had fruit cups prior to getting on the plane. That,however, does not stop me
from making a valiant effort on breakfast #2. Just a 4 hour flight, but we're served a f/u snack 2 hours later.(nuts) Watch "Transformers"(in-flight movie) and the time goes by very quickly.
Get into Housten,hour layover. Waddle on over to the next flight,which is even more deluxe.These seats actually lay DOWN,the ultimate mark of convenience. Continental,first class.(you only live once..and what better time to do it,then on your honeymoon)
And,the 4 course meal...

Appetizer: Smoked peppered Atlantic Salmon roulade w/cream cheese and horseradish dressing

Salad-Field greens, romaine/Belgian endive,cherry tomatoes,goat cheese,pecans,buttermilk dressing + garlic bread

Main Course-Herbed breast of chicken,topped w/sliced beef,marinara sauce,melted mozzerella,grilled Roma tomato,sauteed baby spinach,Lyonnaise potatos

Dessert-Vanilla ice cream,toppings

Did very well with the bgs,as said meal was spread out over 3 hours. I didn't eat all of the main course though.

3 hours later,MORE food was served.(Panini chicken sandwich,complimentary chocolates, chocolate chip cookie)2 glasses of diet coke and I didn't eat anything else for the next 16 hours.(I was that stuffed,and jet lagged)

Touched down at destination, took shuttle to exclusive resort (by exclusive,I mean not open to the general public) where I also had to produce MY ID even though Glenn(hubby)was the one who booked everything because its DOD.They want to make double sure about everyone.(that's all I'll say on that subject)

Next up: Where we went:days 2-4.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Princess&the Pancreas

You gotta read this

its hilarious!!!

Days of Our Lives(Chapter 2)

(more on this,when I get the 200+ photos duly copied,pasted,and transferred over to Flickr)You are also welcome to personally email me(er underscore watch at yahoo dot com) if you would like to see them all.I can't believe I'm actually putting a photo of myself on my blog..freaky.(both the concept and the actual picture)
(but I trust my readership is so few that it won't matter)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving



G I V I N G !

(more on, 10 zillion blog posts to catch up on plus 10 zillion other post honeymoon details later..regrets that I don't have the time to participate in OC memes for at least another 2 months! that turkey is me)

Friday, November 09, 2007

D-Blog Day

In rememberance of those we loved, and in dedication to the fine group of bloggers/s.o.'s that make our lives so much richer.(and less lonely) Tonight, sadness, joy,excitement,gratitude,raw nerves, and every other emotion under the sun run rampant in this brain o'mine.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Before you say "I do"

I'm having a problem, one that D kids in 1920 didn't have to worry about. The car in front of me is doing a circular jig + my brain is rapidly approaching shut down mode. I have to get off here, and I have to get off FAST.Before I pass out + crash.

Stuff Doritos into mouth, check Dex.

110-and trending down very rapidly.

I don't care what I actually am, I just eat. Pull off at exit, find nearest gas station, pull in + park. Appropriately enough, in front of the ice machines.(and across from the ice cream parlour)It's 32 degrees outside.

Drink juice. So cold, so dizzy. Dex has me at 80 now. Ah, my favorite gas station(Sheetz)- where else would I be getting low? Like Target, this place has
charms to soothe the savage hypoglycemic beast.

Lurch inside, buy more sugary drink. Go back to car, consume.

Dex shows me ???, I throw it into my bag in disgust.An hour later, I'm 311. And not shaking anymore, but still really dizzy. Recover from that, for the next hour. Bawl, feel sorry for self, hate diabetes.
Get back on Beltway. (the show must go on)

3 hours later, 376. Bolus 5 units.
1 hr later-180. Dropping like log, drink juice
2 hours later, 130.

3 AM- 260, high alarm wakes me up. Bolus 1.2 units

5 AM-62.(low alarm wakes me up) Yep, 1.2 units of insulin has dropped me 200 points.(if I'd have bolused like usual,I'd be dead) Eat.

7 AM-220

9 AM-300

10 AM-340

At this point, I figure infusion set is toast so I shoot 3 units and drop to 170 by 12 PM. Back on the Beltway, headed back home.

And things have been pretty good, without the pump on. Sure solves the prob of basal + bolus insulin colliding + dropping me like heck. Also had a low at lunch time yesterday, it was not a good day.

I obviously need some insulin though..but it needs a major overhaul! Just wish it wasn't now.

Got marriage lisence today, confirmed things with photographer. Rehearshal dinner tomarrow night,and Sat.morning it all comes together in the grand finale. Probably gonna check 10 zillion times that day..
(note to self: do NOT wipe finger on sleeve of dress, or suck it)
And oh, yeah. Happy birthday to these little dude(tte)
They are so much bigger..and even more cute!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Everything Old...

Something old:

Something new:

Something borrowed:

And something, er, obviously, blue...

Sensor went bad today.Started to hurt, and then I lost the signal entirely so I just pulled it out. Underneath, where I'd lathered it in Matisol and Tegaderm there were a bunch of red dots. Kind of like chicken pox, and not like a usual infusion set rash. Its pretty weird. I haven't used Matisol in awhile, maybe it goes bad!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

This is officially the last week of my singlehood. I don't know how I feel about that yet..other then things seem to be traveling at warp speed + I'm getting absolutely nothing accomplished. I'd planned to write all these blog posts pre-jetting-off-into-honeymoon-bliss, but its not going to happen. And I'd planned to anylize all my thoughts about the Dexcom, but thats probably not going to happen either. Here are a couple thoughts, though.

#1 I keep getting all these ???'s. Sometimes it means I'm dropping like heck, other time there is no reason.

#2 My sensor itches. It hasn't quite turned cherry tomato red/raised bump yet, but it is definatly not comfortable. I am not going to pull it out though, it is too expensive to ditch after only 3 days. I'm going to have to experiment with Tegaderm underneath, which should be interesting(as I have only inserted one sensor, I don't even know what I'm doing yet)

#3 Lows..still happen. The differance is, you can see it when you come back up + don't have to continue stuffing your face based soley on your symptoms. And thats useful,because you don't have to end up in the 200-300's later. I am still figuring this out, + how to treat a low with a sensor vs. a meter. Yeah I know I should doublecheck on the meter,but I just don't feel like it.(it hasn't dropped THAT low, not like 40's or anything)

#4 Got my cobra paperwork, and I'm going to have to take care of that tomarrow. Expensive, yeah, but getting in sync with his insurance will be a whole new ball game. At least I know I will be covered for anything for the next month. (Shark attacks, insulin reactions, hurricanes)

Adios till next time.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Dateline Dex(11/02/07)

Dateline, 10 pm. Somewhere at large on the frozen Virginia Tundra....

A Dexcom 7 spits out another unremarkable, utterly smack dab normal blood sugar.

First day on the Dex:
79-158 mg/dl.3/4 of those numbers were in the 110-120 range. Man, this is GOOD.(it took awhile to calibrate it right with the Ultra,but now its like within 15 points)

Of course, I don't believe that I am 100, I can't believe it. Its all relative, and I was probably 20 points higher. The hour I spent in the 80's, though, sure felt like it was pushin' a hypo.(ice cream plus 2 hours temp rate eventually brought it up to the 100's again)

What I did today:
-discover 6 still usable vials of test strips
-discover 2 vials that expired last month(grrr)
-discover 2 vials of insulin that are still in date but need to be used up
-rescue my antique sliderule + one-day-antique insulin vials from the trashcan
(my mom is great to help, honestly, if you discovered insulin vials that expired in 2001 you'd probably chuck them too but it nearly gave me a coronary)
- eat
-bolus, and watch my blood sugars not change one iota
- watch my Dex some more...
-throw away 6 trashbags of junk
-give away 5 boxes of stuff I'll never use

Moving Day Tomarrow!!!!!!
(for the vast majority of my stuff)It's somewhat differant this time, joining two houses into one isn't like a single person accumalating more junk for life on their own.(its more purging, this time around)I have entirely too much stuff.