Thursday, July 20, 2006

That's why its called a "Convenience" Store

Happy Birthday, Elliott.

You da man, you're an all- around great singer, son, diabetes advocate, and person. You're also too honest for your own good...

Thought about you today as I drove down the interstate, having clocked in a 95 BG. Suspended for an hour. Reached destination, pumped gas. Realized that I would have to go inside and get something to eat also, I was low + didn't have any tabs (or otherwise) on me. Got a drink. Stood in line, low getting worse. Being the exceptionally honest individual that I am, I couldn't drink it till I payed for it.

The wait feels like forever. I slur out a number + immeadiently wonder if that really was my pump #? But it must be, he is doing it right.Autopilot takes over, I hand the guy my credit card, squiggle a John Hancock across the receipt, grab the juice, drain the juice, and head for the door.

The next thing I know, a paramedic is standing over me, asking if I'm ok. Which I am, now that my blood sugar is a comfortable 202. (juice + glucagon finally kicked in) They want to take me in, but I refuse. Didn't bump my head hard, no concussion, no reason to go in.
I sit up, retrieve my cellphone from the purse. Call a friend to come pick me up, I don't think I should drive home. (actually, the paramedic wouldn't let me) Paramedic sticks around till my friend shows up, + I sign the refusal form, go home.

Thought about you again when I read the above article. Can someone please inform every new PWD that is OK to drink/eat something before you pay for it? No one really wants to have to call 911, after you've passed out.

I really shouldn't be so honest-(shoulda drunk the juice while in line), its more trouble then its worth. Sure I'm not the only OC'r this has happened too.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh goodness!

Glad to hear you are Ok!!

That happened to me once in school - in the lunch line. Same type of thing - just thinking I could make it to the end & pay before eating/drinking.

Kerri. said...

Holy shit! I have never passed out before, but I have had one war with three fat paramedics, during which I cursed them all out, flailed about, and eventually succombed to their Insta-Glucose.

Then I went to the firestation and apologized to them for being such a wild diabetic. :)

It's not just you. But I am so glad you are okay.

Dianne Kracht said...

Oh my God - Sounds like what has happened to me more than once with very severe hypoglycemic reactions... I am very glad to hear that you are ok, though - or as ok as we get after something like that happens to us...

If we weren't such honest diabetics - stuff like this probably wouldn't happen!! But, I find that I don't want to call attention to myself - so I will just continue until I pass out - and then get more attention than I wanted in the first place..

Take care and have a great week...

Anonymous said...

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