Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Notebook

In the beginning, it was just that. Just a plain o'le journal (green cover) chronicalling the day-to-day struggles of a newly diagnosed type 1.
A1c's. Lows. Highs. Conflicts with parents, with doctors, with self esteem (on dates), with growing up. It was a time of great change, of tremendous upheaval.
The Notebook changed too. Stopped being a journal, switched to more inspiring stories, clipped cartoons, other various assundries.
Reality Check became a big part of it.
(LL Lambo-truly a great MAN + my inspiration...)

But it still retained its peculiar (unimaginative)psychodelic nominer.

One day, the last page of The Notebook was filled. It was time to start a new one.

Enter Notebook #2.

This one was much more organized.A section for everything, and everything
in a section.
-Top Tens
- Inspiring articles
- Research News
-Funky Medical

The selection process is long
and tough. Only the best stuff (and believe me, there's plenty of stuff out there to weed from)
makes it into The Notebook. Generally, its printed out half a year before I get the time to cut + tape it in there..

The Notebook chronicles d-care through the years. From fads that didn't go anywhere(the Glucowatch) to stuff that took off running. (The Evolution of Diet Crap- er, Coke- into a gazillion flavors, gazillion $ per year market.) Its kind of interesting to remember how things were back then.(pumps were not so much in vogue)
One day, I'll cut and tape my final entry into The Notebook. (#20, or thereabouts..)
It will be news of The Cure..(and yeah, I still believe in that)

Till then, the Notebook(s) are a vital part of my D-life. A legacy for future generations- stuff that absolutely cannot be forgotten. (Those who do not remember the past, are condemned to repeat it-and all of that) Blogging is great-but that serves an entirely differant emotional (dealing w/D)need. I need both.


Caro said...

What a great thing to do. Maybe one day you'll be able to share those Notebooks with the world.

Perhaps when they are complete.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I agree! What an awesome thing to do!

othur-me said...

The cure is coming....I mean....they all are, right?

type1emt said...

Thanks. If only blogging were AS easy(sigh), stupid text isn't wrapping around the pictures right.(hence the mutiple updates)

sweet & sickly said...

i have a note book. well, a folder really. it has lots of medical records in about me which i bought of the hospital. it cost a bit but i wanted to see them. it took a while and my dad helped me. all the notes of when i was dianosed etc.... it's interesting reading.

can't get hold of my "mental crazy ass" notes though. they don't let them go. i've added to this folder lots od diabetes crap.

it's fun. and good to read back over.


Kerri. said...

Chronicalling this journey, diabetes-related or not, is important. It's all so short in the grand scheme that you need to enjoy what you have. You seem to not miss even a second of fun. That's tremendous.

I love your notebook. It's so important. And inspiring. And so are you.

(I also love LL Lambo. Funny funny guy!)

Anonymous said...

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