Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Fifth of July

Yesterday evening, I stepped on a Silhoette (infusion set) needle. It snapped off- into the skin. Fortuantly, it was longways (not a straight up/down impalement). Got some tweezers + pulled that sucker out. Smothered sore spot in triple antibiotic ointment, put a bandage on it.
And watched it.

This morning, it started to throb. Minimal swelling, but painful. I'm not stupid, I know certain things you just do not fool around with. I've excellent circulation, but by virtue of being D that doesn't count for much. If the pain doesn't decrease in the next couple of days, I'll get it checked out. This makes the first time a needle has actually broken off into the skin=usually it just bounces off, once it hits the "OWWWW" trigger. I hope nothings still in there.

At lunchtime today, I discovered I was out of strips, and by quitting time, my pump resevoir had 2.5 units left. Which was promptly used up to treat the 287(when I got home and checked).
The site also looks pretty horrible, so it'll be a full change-out tonight.

I just want to sleep. (not cook, not clean, not take care of D stuff)


Scott K. Johnson said...


Keep an eye on that foot!

Keep us posted too, please...


KJ said...

Ouch, be careful and keep an eye on it. I would almost rather have it checked out before anything else might happen. You never know with those footsies. Good luck, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

J said...

Owie is right ... I hear ya when the site looks crummy but ya just wnat to sleep ugh ! the change seems like each thing weighs about 750lbs a peice but in the end you will feel better

type1emt said...

Thanks ya'll. Gonna get it checked out Monday.