Sunday, July 02, 2006

Multiples of Five

Drumroll, puhleaze.....

Today, after 4 years, 8 months, and x number of days- I graduated from a turqoise star to a PURPLE star on Ebay. Its been 3 years since my last star color change, I don't amass feedback very quickly. Still, I'm glad it didn't take me 5 years to get this!
500 feedback!:-) (it feels nice to be so appriciated by the Ebay community) Not that I haven't had the occasional scuffle with the occasional deadbeat-but I make sure I uphold my end of the bargain(buying, or selling) + my 100% positive feedback speaks for itself.
The next color change comes at 1000 feedback(Red). At that point, I can kick up my heels, relax, and stop worrying about it, because I'll be on that for the rest of my life.(Red goes to 5,000 feedback!)

This week, I've managed to somehow simultaniously delete my entire(700+ song) Itunes library AND lose my ipod. I am sure I could restore my library to my computer, if I could manage to find the ipod. I will tear the house apart if I have to, I can't accept that its gone(or stolen). I need my ipod like I need my pump-its indespensible.

This week, we've also managed to get rid of two supivisors- one to retirement, the other to a 3 week vacation on the sunny Medaterranean. If I had my way, I'd retire 'em BOTH, but one must take what one can get sometimes. Our replacement supivisor is a very nice person-work is going to be like a mini-vacation for everyone else too! We have tomarrow off(5 day weekend) and we'll work Sat. 8 hours. Nobody is wild with joy about that, but we'll survive. Worst thing is, they won't let anyone take Monday as a paid holiday(or vacation) so we'll work Sat. AND lose out on a day's pay. Not cool.

I've been thinking of making my own frio pouch-if I could just find that gel-lish stuff(in suitable quantity to sew together). Walmart sells these Aqua Cool neck bands that are obviously made of the same stuff, but I can't see how I'd make a pouch out of it. There's got to be a good source of it out there-I'll bet Frio makes tons of money off their pouches. (And they only last me 1 summer, I have to get a new one every year) Plus, handmade items are much more personal + specializeable to one's own exotic tastes.

My neighbors have been setting off firecrackers all weekend- not the illegal stuff(it doesn't even clear the fence) but of more-then-sufficient noise making ability.
"Wistlin' Dixie" never sounded so bad, I'm sure its cleared off every Yankee for miles. Probably even some dyed-in-the-wool-lived-here-all-my-life Rebs as well...
Eey-yah, very glad I'll be gone till late on the 4th!

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