Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another Lesson in Diabetes 101

The human body is really, really amazing.
(No really, just keep reading)

The not-quite-right feeling hits me around 10 am. Am I dropping? No, I'm 153, its a long drop
to Hypoland. But just to be sure, I swig down half a bottle of juice, put the pump on suspend.

10:40 AM- I check again, this time I'm 100. Really unexpected. Commence to finishing juice, eat
a sucker as backup.

11:40 AM- Low # 3,599 strikes full force, right between the eyeballs. I am dizzy, shaky and out of juice. So I eat a York bar(32 carbs) and a butterscotch(8 carbs) knowing it won't work as fast as juice, but hey, its better then nothing...

12:10 AM- Low feelings dissapate, leaving in their place a RAGING hunger. It is not a "low" hunger, it is a concentration-camp-haven't-eaten-for-a-week hunger. Fortuantly, its lunchtime,
so I trot off to the cafeteria + rapidly consume:
-1 packet Hot Pockets
-a banana
-crackers 'n cheese
- medium sized bag of Cheetos
-another chocolate bar
-20 oz Diet Coke

4 PM- Finally up( at 396), I bolus 6 units + leave work.

5:30 PM- The feeling strikes again, the meter reads a cranky 123.
-pb sandwich
-mountain of mac 'n cheese(leftovers night)
-mountain of baked beans
-baked chicken wing
-V8 drink
I'm amazed at my body's ability to consume vast amounts of food, (and not gain any weight, its like my metabolism speeds up) and I'm amazed at the hunger. (where that came from, I couldn't say, this is not PMS week) Is it from dropping-or do I just need it?
It looks like there may be another "low" streak in the works. According to the endo,
such experiences are likely due to non-ovulatory vs ovulatory cycles (because it always begins
as menses is ending, a couple of times a year). Thrilled me to death to learn that its completely unpredictable as well, there's some sort of basal temp testing you can do(to learn what type of cycle it is, I assume) but there's no "fixing" it. (everything makes you low)
Guys have it EASY, they don't have hormones playing havoc with their blood sugars every month (And pregnancy) till menopause!
And speaking of food, our town's 4th of July 3rd annual Hotdog Contest is coming up.
This is a horrible experience for a D to partake in...but I had the burning desire NOT to let
anything, including the D, stand in my way. I was in the first one(missed it last year)
-12 contestants(10 guys, 2 girls)
-12 long hotdogs PER contestant (buns included)
-1 gallon pitcher of water to wash hotdogs down.
-4.5 minutes on the first round.

2 minutes into the round, I'd just finished my 3rd hotdog + starting to feel the effects( knew I'd never win the thing). 2.5 minutes and 2 hotdogs later, my stomach was rebelling + I was actually glad I'd lost the contest. (although I did beat out 6 big, hunky guys!)
My prize?
-a quart of ice cream (took it home)
-a though dislike of hotdogs for the next 6 months
-the look on my mother's face when she found out what I'd done
- the 300 range numbers that graced my meter for several hours later
- a yellowish-red-water-soaked tshirt to take home and wash
- no one even GUESSING that this 5"2 gal had D..
The winner chugged down 12 hotdogs (in 3 rounds).
Tres impressive.
(I'm going for 6 this year)


Kassie said...

Hey there, if you want the plate, do it today! They need the apps by Thursday in order to make it happen. :)

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

that's alot of food. i'm like that, i'll have that kind of hunger you explained and eat EVERYTHING in sight and now gain a pound. cool huh?