Tuesday, June 20, 2006

8 Cool Things I've done in my life

8 seems so, insignificant, but that's all the years I've had diabetes. (Counting the Summer from
Heck) Circa Kassie's Cool Meme, here is mine:

1. Was born (1981) just after midnight, in a small hospital in Western Virginia- the same hospital my grandmother(1911) and mom (1951) were born in. (continuing the grand tradition)
I was small, (a preemie) I was ugly, and I had the biggest head the doctor had ever seen. After running multiple tests on me, they concluded I'd just inherited my
father's big head. Eventually, the rest of my body caught up,(in porportion) but I'm still big headed about some stuff. (I like to think its all brains)
2. From 1986-88, we lived in Jackson, MS. Very differant from Virginia, it only snowed once
(about enough for a snowball) and ice storms were frequent. When the tornado sirens would go
off, my "spot to hide" was in the bathroom closet dirty clothes hamper. (not very pleasant smelling) Fortuantly, the tornados never struck anywhere close.
3. Participated in multiple sports( soccer,tennis basketball, table tennis, baseball, rollarblade hockey)
all my life... (and only broke a kneecap, once)
4. Got my first "real" job at a daycare center, stayed at that job 1.5 years.(Summer '99)
5. Got my permanant job, (in retail) after finishing HS. (Sep. 2000)
6. August 2000 to present- have given blood 29 times.
7. May 2001- Got an article published in the ADA's "Diabetes Forecast." (Reflections)
8. Jan. 2006- Moved out(on my own). Discovered more of what life in the real world is all
about. Still trying to get myself better organized, which may take awhile (before the love of my life sweeps me away to Paradise, I need to reform my act). How did my parents ever manage this? D just makes me more unorganized..
That's my life in a nutshell. Of course, I've done more then this- just can't list it all!
Yesterday I discovered TWO of my 100 ct. boxes of test strips had expiration dates of 4/06.
Darn. So the question arises, do I use them? I got a refill last month, I'm pretty sure that Caremark sent them (I have alot of test strips floating around at the moment) but I removed the labels and (thus) the proof. I'm sure they won't want to replace them. So it looks like I'll have to use 'em up(quickly)....and put aside the box I'm currently working on.


Kassie said...

awesome! I love that you mentioned giving blood - folks need to know that us peeps with d can give.

Great list, thanks for playing.

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

my meter won't let me use out of date strips. pain in the bottom

type1emt said...

Geez,that sucks,Vicki- Maybe time for another meter?
(if NHS would cover it) Mild-ly out of date strips would still be ok to use.
Kassie- I figure, people with D give gallons of blood to the vampirish meters(over the course of a lifetime) anyway..so a couple more gallons isn't going to hurt. I stopped being afraid of needles a long time ago.
(and I like it that my blood can go to a worthy cause!)