Saturday, June 17, 2006

Weave Me the Sunshine

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Why do people go jogging in the dead of night, with absolutely NO reflective clothing/gear

Why do some folks take a siesta (right in the middle of a 4-way intersection) so they'll be assured
of getting their left handed turn (while the rest of us are forced to wait for them?)

Why are there male gynocologists? (Enough said, you might love yours, but I find it hard connecting to a doc whose never PMS'd in their lives)

Why is the carb count on sugared cereal NEVER right?

Why do some folks just keep reproducing (and mistreat the ones they've got) while others spend tens of thousands to be able to adapt just one child off the streets? Why is it so hard
to adopt?

Why is a cure always "Five Years" away?

Why does a fresh crop of bills always arrive in your mail box right after you pay off the old ones?

Why is so hard to change an a1c?

Why does it always rain a monsoon the weekend the lawn needs mowing/trimming?

Why do pumps always die on holiday weekends?

Why do people park in TWO parking spaces....

Why do people feel the need to eat themselves sick at buffets? (myself included)

Why do very fat people only have to pay for one seat on airplanes, when they take up 2-3?

Why is the genetics of diabetes so tricky- antibodies may increase the risk, but no one will
predict when you'll get it.

Why does that fancy Lamborgini Contash (at work) always park so close to you you're afraid to breathe when you get out of the car- you don't want to hurt don't have that kind of insurance..

Why is it impossible to totally defrost the windshield of your car on a cold, frosty morning-
and you're forced to drive to work with it half-done, you're fortuante not to get in late(or have an accident)

Why do test strips work their way into so many odd places?

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