Saturday, June 24, 2006

When the Lights Went Out

Pitch Black.


Scary Black.


Is this a retinal detachment?!?

A blood curdling yell pierces the darkness, keenly sharpening my already on edge nerves.

"Lucy must be playing with the electrical system again," a nearby coworker dryly observes.

I grin, yet I'm relieved that its not just me." Think so?"


I lift my head back and yell like the best of them.

It feels good, this oppurtunity to yell out my

frustration (at a world in general) doesn't come around much.


"Geez, Heidi, it's not a vacation, don't get so worked up." (This from a person who hasn't gotten excited in something for over 20 years...)

There it goes, I feel better already. Maybe, just maybe, I'll make it through the rest of the working
"Don't blame Lucy for everything," another coworker chimes in. "Might just be a bad thunderstorm."
The main overhead lights flicker briefly.
And die, yet again.
"Nice going," coworker #1 grumbles. "Ticked her off."
"Nah, Lucy is a NICE ghost," coworker#2 retorts. "Wouldn't hurt a flea."
" Yeah? Maybe not HERE, but what about back then? Must've been some reason they did
away with her."
"Hey you guys," I cut in, "It doesn't matter. Just be glad for the break, it would suit me fine
if the lights NEVER came on."
"Yep, then they'd issue flashlights and make us do it in the dark. Wouldn't that be fun?"
Sunlight streams in from a distant open window.
"Oh darn, its not raining- its gotta be Lucy then."
15 minutes later, backup generators cut lights on.
Breaktime's over, folks.
Long ago, our Distrobution Center was an Indian burial ground. In the 1850's, supposidly an Indian princess was buried alive(at said site) and has haunted
this place ever since. We get the occasional power failure (weird, unexplaned ones) several times a year but its been a long time since anyone has claimed seeing "our" ghost. I wouldn't
know if "Lucy" actually is real, the one person I knew who claimed to have seen her has since
quit. (Lucy is a pretty shy ghost, apparently)
We should give tours at Halloween.(if nothing else, it'll scare the kiddies senseless, which is
the general idea of that holiday)


cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

Well, glad it's not your eyes. That's cool there is a ghost. My boyfriend is convinced we have one in our house. I'm not so sure.

The attic door keeps falling open, only at night, magazines and keys have moved about. The letter box randomly fell off and all other stuff. All of which can be explained but I don't want to say that to my boyfriend. I know he is convinced.


cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

thanks for the comment. yeah the meds deal with the same chemical I thinK. I will go see my doctor when I've finished work in 2 weeks.

it's just annoying, yeah i was like this as a kid, used to drivew mum nuts

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