Thursday, June 01, 2006

I believe I Could Fly!

Given the price of gasoline,this might be a cheaper alternative. (At least, you'll make someone's
day. "Hey look, Honey- there's another whacko in the neighberhood!")

Tomarrow, its off to Kansas (boyfriend's family reunion, meeting the parents, etc.) I might just wish I could fly (home)- friends assure me that its much better to do all this PRE-anything-remotely-serious.
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(The Family Reunion...)

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I'm just not ready. (In addition to displaying Rarius Extremius Maturius over the course of a 5-day weekend, I'll probably have to answer zillions of questions regarding diabetes, not precisely my favorite thing to do. My family is bad enough-what if his is WORSE?)


1 comment:

Ellen said...

YOU are a gem.

I hope they are worthy of having you in their lives :-)!