Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tales of a Pack Rat

Piles of junk everywhere. I never use this stuff- where did it come from? Pitching it would be so quick and easy.

Ok, so its 9 pm and I just don’t feel like dealing with the contents of multiple boxes piled up helter-skelter on the side porch.

12 VHS copies of films I now own on DVD. A back massager. 10 gazillion candles. No fewer then FIVE drug rep pedometers(compliments of various diabetes events).

I make tough, hard decisions. VHS videos-into the trash can. Candles and back massager? Donated to the Salvation Army, or another thrift store. Drug rep pedometers? (I’ll pick the nicest one-get rid of the rest)
I tried to have a yard sale. ( It was a failure, didn’t have it on the right weekend) I’ve tried to imagine ways to make this junk more palatable to the average bargain-seeker. But I’ve come to the conclusion, even if I put it out with a big FREE sign, it wouldn’t disappear.

6 months after moving in(to my very first dig), its time to move again. The lease is up. (And believe me, I’m ready to go-landlady and I haven’t been getting along too great) Not to mention the fact I could get a decent apartment for half of what I currently shell out. All I have to do?
-Find someplace else and move(lock, stock, and barrel) by August 1
Not an impossible proposition. I have next week off,(vacation) I hope to have a decision made (and be mostly packed) by week’s end.

The foot is back to normal, after getting it checked out by the NP. Warm foot soaks. Multiple (daily) triple antibiotic applications, followed by sterile dressing bandages.
No diabetes, you can’t have my leg- so shove off!
Score one for the over vigilant, OCD type 1.

The NP was less then gracious during the appointment. Something I should mention, this is the NP that diagnosed me + later ended up at the same doc’s office I currently go to. (Talk about bad luck following you around) Perhaps I should feel some sense of overwhelming cowed submission to this person, but I don’t. She is your 80-120, let’s talk about complications at every single appointment type of practitioner. Of course, I try to be polite. (But what can a person REALLY do about these sorts) I appreciate her excellent diagnostic skills, but not her sense of doom and gloom. I generally try to see someone (anyone) else at the office, but she was the only one available this week.

By the end of the appointment, I was an emotional wreck. Wished I could have about half a dozen (strong)drinks, to get out of the depressive mood NP’d put me in.( But I can’t drink, it interacts with a medication I take) So I went home and bawled instead. (That helped too)I’m glad I’ve never had an endo like that. NP has absolutely no idea what managing type 1 is all about.

Blood sugars have been going through a recent spat of a la extroidenare Dawn Phenomenon. Bed time blood sugars: 100-170. By 6 AM, I’m 350-400.
6 units of basal ought to be enough to handle my bgs overnight. My highest basal is during this time anyway-0.5 to 0.7 u/hr. Looks like I’ll have to raise it to 0.7 across the board. I very rarely have middle-of-the-night lows, my liver more then adequately handles the situation. Sometimes I wish it didn't work quite so hard...
By 8 AM, I've got the high down and am swinging in the opposite direction. Temp basal set. Eat snack. Go low. Eat more snacks. Go low again. Eat another snack. Normal at lunch. Spend afternoon high. Crash couch, immeadietly upon getting home from work.
I really gotta fix those basals.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man, that NP sounds like a nightmare. I hate to wish things on people, but if she lived it for one day her attitude would swing 180 degrees.

Good luck on finding new digs to live at - and glad the foot is doing better too!