Friday, July 07, 2006

Axims and A1c's

First off, I haven't been to the doc. But I will go. (Monday) This foot thing is somewhat of a puzzle, it doesn't look like anything-I've had paper cuts that looked worse then this. But it hurts(a lot), and its somewhat difficult to ignore pain. So I'm going. (if nothing happens over the course of the weekend that expediates the process)

The next phase of the clinical trial:

This is the Dell Axim(that's been my constant companion for the past 3 months). This is my month to use their(Lifescan's) handy-dandy computer program. (vs the research center's)

The gray bar is for Warnings-which I haven't seen any yet. If you're running very high, or lots of lows, that bar will tell you what you already know. (as in, you might be high or you may be low! so check frequently)
The pink bar is my personal info(study ID #, number of blood sugar entrys)
The light blue bar is my weekly hemoglobin a1c. It automatically updates every Monday. And yes, that's a 9 you see. (shoot me now, if you must)

The BG screen: (bottom blue bar is to backspace w/o doing any entries)

The purple is the variability index:

Interpretation- My blood sugars bounce. A LOT. 50-400, throw in a HI, and your vb is totally screwed.
Although, since I started the program,I've had my lowest ever variation(as of last Monday). All the others were uploaded to the computer, from my meter. I am motivated, I am on fire, and the novelty has not yet worn off. I'll be using this program till mid August. Its funny how seeing the numbers on the screen motivates me in a way that paper logs haven't(in quite a while). I want to do better, I want to see a lower variability, and I want that a1c to read 5.0.( hey, I can dream)
Tomarrow morning, I have to go back on Lantus-I've run totally out of pump supplies(and the paperwork got lost at the endo's office). The endo's been on vacation, busy, etc. (I dropped this off 3 weeks ago) Her secretary told me to refax it Monday morning, and she'd take care of it(including endo's signature)ASAP AND the endo called me this evening, but its inevitable, I'll be on Lantus (at least the weekend). If I can manage to bum a few sets/resevoirs off the CDE, (Monday) I can go back to pumping.
I love my pump, its so hard to do this. (screw endos)


asskeeper said...

Now, I have to yell at you girl. Why didn't you drop me a quick e-mail and tell me you were out of sets. Also if you still have the plunger thing and the needle top thingamajig you can reuse the reservoir and just try to keep using that set. It may get you to Monday, but I didn't tell you that.

type1emt said...

The set was a lost cause, but thanks anyway.
Emailed ya..