Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Surfing the Web

I got lost on the internet today.

I was reading Kerri's latest post, which of course led to Exist Magazine, Patient Consumer Parade, + lastly, Chronic Babe. Darned if that didn't lead to a host of other cool sites (and a bunch of fellow D-bloggers I never knew existed.) In the interest of the moment(ok, hour)
- wondered what would happen if I popped this question to my doc (not that I have an immediate proposals, but it never hurts to be prepared for these things.
- wished like heck I was basking in the Florida sunshine... It didn't work out to go this year, I'm trying NOT to reflect on it too much. (wahhhhhhh) Last year's was really awesome.
- won this baby.. (its too bad it takes 6+ weeks to get here! I need it now, I'm in the process of moving) If you're thinking about winning one of those Chrysler Crossfire Roadsters, forget it. There are people who have been saving points from day 1(and are up in the 7,000 range by now). People who buy boxes of candy direct from the retailer,(for the discount) use the codes, and chuck the chocolate. It is very much a business venture(from their line of thinking). Spend $5,000- get a $15,000+ car.
- checked out ipods on Ebay. (My own ipod has hit the dust, + I need a new one) Served me faithfully for almost 2 years. The price is much better this time around- back then,I thought I was getting a great deal at $175 (for a mini), now its more like $80. I still like mini's, unless someone gives me a vidio ipod I'll get another mini.
- checked out rentals/roommates, found a couple of potential-bil-i-ties that could be investigated.
Sometimes its fun to just go wherever your clickin' mouse takes you. (as long as you don't pick up any nasty viruses)


asskeeper said...

The keeper of the asses is pinching her pennies and saving everything she can for next years conferance. I might try to make the buffalo nickle poop. I had a ball last year also. OH shit I forgot to send those reservoirs and sets out to you. Can you send me a brain back if i remember to send them to you.

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

read your comment, we don't have anthing good like that in the uk.

horrible gel it will have to be :(

Kerri. said...

Ah, the wilds of the internet. I am lost daily.

Thanks for checking out Exist. Hopefully you viewed it in Internet Explorer. If you viewed it in Firefox, give me a few days load the new template and then go back and take a look as though you've never seen it before. :)

Anonymous said...

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