Sunday, June 21, 2015

Surfing the Sugah Wave

The best part of Endo appointments is after they are over..and the next three weeks are squeaky clean,filled with promise and hope and resolve..a diabetes clean slate.

That day has come and gone for me.(almost a month into my current "journey.") In the meanwhile,all the promises I made (email CDE! Prebolus! Eat more green things! Do not stuff Twinkies into mouth at midnight and "forget" to bolus!) are a distant memory, I really suck at diabetes improv projects. But then I dropped a pump,& another threw 5 consecutive cartridge error alarms and had to be replaced and my blood sugars were a grand and unmitigated disaster and I needed a breath of fresh air so I dug out my Omnipod pdm,traded supplies for some pods,and gave it another go.

And these have largely been my blood sugars ever since. That's 24 hours where I might briefly go above the high line,versus a daily journey of 100-360 blood sugars. For the most part prebolusing isn't even necessary.(except breakfast) Every thing I do works. (Which is super weird) I think some of it might be 
from pod placement..using my arms because the other places have scar tissue from so much use and it's been good to have that fresh territory.

In the meantime,I had a repeat a1c done this week(diff doctor) and my a1c has dropped (!)0.6 points so it looks like it might be possible to make significant changes by next appointment.(in August)
I have enough pods to ride this wave to summers end and if I break the 7.0 barrier, I am going to talk to my Endo about another RX. I never thought I'd be doing this but right now,this is exactly what my body needs..a break from the rollar coaster. It's also helped immensely that I got the "Sugar Surfing"book and have tried to implement some of those suggestions.

I'm lovin' it. (Well,as much as that's possible.)

Friday, June 05, 2015

Project: Genetics

I've come to the conclusion that I have "Left-side-of-the-body-itis",having had to have had 2 cataract surgeries,1 L.arm ulnar nerve surgery,1 tonsillectomy, 1 C-section, 1 L.eye muscle surgery for double vision,& I'm not entirely sure where the pancreas really is in me but I'm guessing it's toward the left. Also 1 messed up Lumbar Disk affecting strength and motility on the Left Leg although that has much improved,& I'm now in matenence phase (chiropractic) for that. However,I now have a messed up ligament in my left shoulder and it hurts to do anything with it. I told my chiropractor today that I wanted to get it evaluated and what followed was an exam,an adjustment,& a torture device known as traction.(basically a head vice) I was supposed to stay in it for ten minutes(at 10 pressure) but after five I started dry heaving,getting dizzy,and having a pounding headache and no more of that could I stand. He asked me to do three sets of things to make sure I wasn't stroking out(it can happen when you are manipulating the carotid artery),which I wasn't,but it took about ten minutes to recover enough to go home. I then had a headache from heck for the next two hours and horrid nausea. And it didn't help my shoulder pain either. I think this is going to be a slow process,& a headachy/nausea/dizzy one at that as we try to get a pressure I can stand. He told me to roll up a towel to put under my head to help release the pressure,& a specific lifting technique to use. I might have a pinched neck disc as well,if things don't improve we will get an x-Ray. And bonus props for calling me later to make sure I was still alive. I like my chiropractor,the techniques really do help & he knows what he's doing. Would far rather go through this then spine surgery. I'm just wondering how many other left sided things can fail though.

In other news,my Endo does think I have MODY 5 but it will be awhile before I can get specifically tested for it...I am negative for 17Q12 chromosome haplotype deletion but that doesn't completely rule it out,& it's much more expensive and has to be tested through a genetics division.(next appt.: August 28) It is what it is,no rush.