Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Sunny/Rainy Day Package

I would like to thank my secret(well, not anymore) sussy giver..

she did great at picking out just what I wanted. Seriously, it's like she could read my mind. Even though it was cold/rainy when it came, it made the day a bit sunnier.

First out of the box:

with this:

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I need some de-stressing therapy, I can't wait to try it out at my next endo appt.,sometimes I desperately need to whap something.(or someone,unfortunately thats just not an option no matter how much of a jerk they're being)
And just in time, for those insanely cold winter nights:

With a Minnesota state pin + mini name keychain. I don't have any pins from there yet, so this definatly a new one for my collection.
And this, for my chocolate-nut addiction:

Lastly, a memo note pad:

Thanks, Minnesota Nice!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


A FFL goodie, stuck on my cellphone:

I was quite possibly the only one (over the age of 6) who had fun, doing this. It was a focus group sponsored by Abbott(Theme:How do you feel about your meter?) and you had to cut/paste stuff from magazines. I choose food, because thats the simplest concept I could find. Without meters...we would be stuck back in the 20th century, testing our urine + on a very strict diet. No wedding cakes, cookies, baked hams,pies, cobblers and a thousand other very wonderful goodies.I also put 15 items on the page(which was a stretch, it got pretty cramped!)and in the crunch for time, not all the stuff was food related.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Choices & Craigslist

Well, I did it, I sold something on Craigslist. It is a whole other game from Ebay, because you have to go out and MEET the person somewhere. You don't know if they're a mass murderer or what. I wish I knew karate, or something.(if I'm going to be doing this on a regular basis)MD is one of those "May (not) Issue" concealed weapon permit states, vs VA(one of those "Shall Issue to every Joe Blow under the Sun" states). Fortuantly, the person didn't do any of that, but it was a very anxious half hour. A gun,(in the vehicle) would give me so much more presence of mind.(I'm a
5"2 petite gal, do you blame me? it wouldn't take much to do me in) Met in a very public place(to attempt to be as safe as possible).

The recent news RE immunosuppressive free transplantees is extremely interesting to me. For many people with diabetes, this could be BIG. (if they could get it to work with the pancreas/islets)Knock off the nasty drugs, and wouldn't a transplant do more good then harm? Obviously, so people have transplants and have nothing but problems(from acne to Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome)but most people do pretty well. Why they can't predict any of this is frustrating. This is the 21st century, The Golden Age of DNA Research- and the secret of the cell lies just as locked as its ever been. Why they can't they run a test and tell you what kind of drug you need(based on how your DNA is) instead of trying them all out.

Personally, I have no problems with people getting pancreas + islets transplants. More power to them, they know what they're getting into(and what they're trying to leave behind) They've lived a life of diabetes, and are exhausted by it(body and soul)The chance to start clean is either necessary(for survival)or very much longed for. They're not "failures" or "weak." Alot of people with diabetes seem to have this idea that a transplant is a copout,(some of those people could really use a transplant themselves, have horrible hypo unawareness) but man, these people are just trying to make it. If I were in that situation(kidney failure, retinopathy, severe hypo unawareness with no CGMS, other complications) you'd better believe I'd want a transplant. There is a limit to my macho-ness(see below!)
KF=need for immuno drugs anyway,retinopathy= going blind(high probability + I do not handle blindness well), and hypo unaware=gambling with your life on a regular basis.
Right now I am blessed to be in (relatively) good health but the day may come that I go down that road myself, and its not as scary to me as the never ending list of things that diabetes can do to one.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Genuinely Sussified

I have been Dexcomless for the past two weeks, and the bgs have reflected that. Mostly highs(flirting with lows scares me, so I preferred to ruin my next a1c,its better then not waking up the next morning). Managed to lose(throw away???) my transmitter. The transmitter is that $250 piece that snaps into the sensor. Dexcom generously agreed to send me a new sensor out with my sensor shipment. Wellllllll, that didn't happen(shipment #1) so it took a couple of weeks to finally get one.(but at least they didn't charge me:)

As expected, it spat out a nice reading somewhere in the mid 300's. I bolus, eat

One of these:

unfortunately doesn't help.(so much for limiting sugar binges,at 18 carbs/pack of 2 it really is a tasty little snack)15 minutes later and I'm in need of a juice box.Welcome back to good control.

Finally got my Dexcom computer program installed, so I will be able to see the trends,
etc.I've never really done anything like this before(even with a meter),I'm not
that hard core of a diabetic. I've got to make the technology work for me, it does no good if I have it/don't use it.

 lucky person will get THIS:
(as I squeak by the deadline by a measly 2 days)
I'm also eagerly anticipating my OWN sussy arrival!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some Snowy Day Humor

posted on Craigslist:

Snow removal for as low as $25

another posting:(a short time later)

Come on over you can have all the snow you want for free, don't even have to pay me the $25.

(I'll wait for the snowplows,thanks)

recent keyword activity:

-antismoling(word of the day)
I think they meant anti smoking...
because that's where they ended up!
Kinda cool word though, if it ever made it into existence. What would it mean, being against using smoke to drive out moles in the ground?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's Still Dia-be-tes to Me

Whats the matter with the shirt I'm wearing
Can't you tell that it's stained with pies
Maybe I should buy some old TesTape
Welcome back to the Age of Lies.

Where have you been hiding out lately, honey
A cure ain't cheap, gonna take a ton of money
Everyone's talking 'bout the new craze, funny
but its still Suckage City to me..

What's the matter with the strips I'm using
Can't you tell that they're out of date
Should I get a new CWD t-shirt
Maybe, if you're looking for a type 1 mate..
Nowadays, you can't be too sentimental
Get off the NPH, bgs will be a lot more gentle
Hot Pink,Wild Mink, every time a coin clinks
It's still the big 'beates to me.

Ohhhh, it doesn't matter what they say in the papers
cuz it's always been the same old stuff
Highs-lows-money woes- trying to act like you're big and tough
We've all had more then enough.
(as the patience factor collectively goes puff...)

How about mix of purple Deltec
And a Flash, just for show
You could really be in the "in" crowd
If you'd just stop jabbing through the pants
Don't waste your money on a pair of "D" socks
It's a marketing scheme, one huge gigantic hoax
The quick buck,big crook,no luck, major suck
And it's not a good buy for me.

What's the matter with the greens I'm eating
(At the moment, your bg is way too low)
Should I try to have a 4.5 a1c
If you do, then you care too much.
Don't you know about the new research,buddy
Too many hypos will sap all your brain(cells) and money
It's the dream shot,cool thought,tough knot, no one's fault
But it's still too darn risky for me.

Everybody's talking 'bout the new D
but it's still just the same for me..

it isn't really going anywhere!

Monday, January 14, 2008

You've Got Mail!

My new mouse pad, with that special MiniMed touch.

Go HERE. This thing rocks,
I can actually read the lettering (now)without putting my old person glasses on.

FREE STUFF!(certificate)
-Facing the Giants DVD
-2 Liter Dr Pepper Product
-3 pk Pop Secret popcorn pack
(date night, here we come!)

Glucerna coupons. If there's a national disaster, I'm sure I'll be glad for whatever form of sustenance may come my way.(including disgusting nutritional drinks)

My New Years Resolution(s) included eating more nuts. First step in that direction,getting a nutcracker. Macadamia nuts are great, but impossible to crack
and we've got a slew of them(compliments of in-laws). If this doesn't work, its time
to get a vice.

Funny how all of my mail today could be considered diabetes related...(item #3,for emotional health in dealing with the day-to-day crud)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Do, I Do, I Do

In this fair city of 1 million plus, it seems to be impossible to get an endocrinology appointment ANYWHERE.(that is, until April) I just about died when the receptionist told me that, down where I used to live endocrinology was not the hot field- you could get in practically anytime + you never had to wait more then a week. Heck, if it were really an emergency they'd always manage to squeeze you in. I don't need an appt. urgently, but like any good little pwd I figured between 3-4 months was best. I would kinda like to know what my new and improved(big woot for Dexcom!) a1c is, and on the incessant nagging of my new pcp I bit the bullet to schedule it. I really just don't have any luck with convincing primary care doctors that I'm not the worst D to walk the earth. My new one is good enough, just (over) zealous to make me into something I'm not. (super bg control,etc.) Also...need 10 zillion rx's written and a new appeal to the new insurance company to cover sensors. Which is gonna take awhile(if ever) to get them covered, but since the authorization codes just came out there's more hope then there was. I know my old endo could be counted on (in a pinch), but she's 300 miles away + probably more then ready to get me out of her hair.

I miss cows.
I miss corn.
I miss not having to lock your doors at night.
I miss DMV"s that aren't as complicated as Grand Central Station.
I miss minor traffic jams(once every month, vs. twice a day)
I miss cashiers who actually give a rap.
I miss cashiers who actually speak English.
I miss mountains.
I miss live receptionists, not answering machines.
I miss cheap grocery stores.
I miss my favorite radio shows.
I miss grits, cornbread, and all foods Southern.
I miss arguing with my coworkers over elections
I miss nights on the 'squad
I miss my superly unorganized refridgerator
I miss hot dog eating contests
I miss snow that actually requires shoveling out
I miss horses + buggies
I miss farmer's markets
I miss parking spots(vs having to park 2 blocks away), half empty parking lots

I like the a point. The shopper in me has a blast, but the sheer mass of individuals flooding said stores makes it impossible to get much of anything accomplished. I could hit a slew of stores + get all my shopping accomplished quickly- now I have to spend all day driving around.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

In the Bleak Midwinter

...something lives still.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Cops: Edition 301

"Hands on the hood, now!"

I've just gotten back into my car + a 2.5 hr trip to the MVA,(aka Department of Motor Vehicles)where I've spent enough money to take a family of four out to a nice restaurant. Sad thing is, I've only managed to acquire a lisence- not my registration + new tags.Before I can get those, I've got to get my stupid car inspected/get new insurance. So many things to do, and all dependent on government + the USPS.(changing one's name is a humongous hassle)
That-and the state of MD's New Year's present to everyone was a 1% jump in the sales tax.(5 to 6%)

207 on my Dex, but lately its been about 40 points off so I know I'm almost in range.Walking will PUT me in range, by supper time.

"Lay off me man, I ain't doin' nothin!"

A nice, quiet, suburban Kmart parking lot. 3 cops jump out + start banging on the windshield, force the occupants of the red car out.

"You've got stolen merchandise in your vehicle. Or is it even yours?"

"Its my friends."

"Hands on the hood-whats your friend's name?"

"Its ---"

"What's her phone number?"

"Man, I dunno, its just his car."

"You just said it was a her.Which is it?"

Handcuffs come out, cussing, on the ground. This is like the unedited edition of a Cops episode.

3 more cops cars show up.

They start pulling things from the car-sneakers, dvds, bags of clothing from Macys. The yelling continues, + the senior cop is getting annoyed.

"Ok, listen up- you've got 10 seconds to tell me where you got this stuff before your little misdemeanor charges become a felony + you go to jail for a LOT longer."

He counts:

"10...9...8..7...6...5...4...3...2....1...0. Congratulations, you've booked yourselves a felony."

The hair on the back of my neck prickles, man this cop is tough. Really glad its not me, on his bad side.

Escort occupants of red(stolen?) vehicle to cop cars, drives off. The other cops continue pulling stuff out of the car.

Some people have worse problems then I do, it all helped put things in perspective.I'm grateful to have been raised right.