Sunday, June 10, 2007

Grass Green: Color My Yard Sale

The grass was freshly mowed.

The stash of Diet/Regular Mt.Dews stood by the door, throughly chilled and ready for human (and cat? but this isn't mine, adorable photo though) consumption.

And the morning 72 mg/dl had been improved upon, by a horribly un-D-friendly Tastycake cupcake. (it was good,though..)

Fortuanatly, I hadn't yet set up the vast majority of my items(just the tables + a fan), it had rained the night previously. The tabletops were soaked, and had to be dryed off.

An hour of predawn preperation- dragging/carring everything across the street, setting up in the big parking lot (people tend to ignore you, if you're not in a highly visable spot + that wasn't a chance I was going to take this year. Need other people around.)

My mom showed up to help me organize- put ice/drinks in coolers, set up stuff.

As soon as it was really light- they (the early morning crowd) showed up in droves, intent on getting the best deals possible.

I keep an eye on the big guy raffling through my extra glucose moniter collection-he's been there awhile. In fact, its the 2nd time he's been there, and back again.

"$10 for the whole box?"

If I'd have been drinking anything, it most certainly would have shot out my nose. Heck, no- there are two Ultras,1 Ultrasmart,1 Ascensia,and 1 Aviva in that box, all New in Package. (CVS deals + freebies) All glucose moniters should be cheap, but not that cheap + I think its priced pretty conservativly at $2-$5 each already. My level of altruism doesn't extend that far- I did have to pay for the gas to go get these + I think I should be reimbursed for that.

"Uh, NO. They're worth $75 each."

The guy knows that- and grunts, as he moves back to study the box again. There's no way he wants 5 glucose moniters just to moniter his own D, he's looking to resell some of them.

His wife is already one of my favorite customers, cleaning up a good $25 worth of stuff.

"Ok, this one." He pulls out the Ascensia.
Thank goodness he made a decision.
(plus,I thought I'd have to give that particular one away. Who uses Ascensia any more?)

The morning progresses, and the crowds keep coming, cleaning out my stash of candles/dvds/B&BWorks items/drinks/miscellanious. I go down the street, and find some more junk(to replete what I got rid of,haha), lug it back to the house(it weighs a ton, craft stuff). Should have had it delivered- its only half a mile away!
Bg afterwords- 213.
An hour later, as I'm walking in the opposite direction, its low. I duck into the VFW post, buy a hotdog, and set my basal down to 0.0. Hot weather certainly works wonders on high blood sugars.Take a hotdog back to my mom.
By 12:30, the crowds are pretty much gone + its time to pack up.
Bg: 71. Rip off pump in frustrated exaustion, go take nap.
5:30 PM- wake up from nap. 325. No surprise there, that's what happens when you're off the pump for 4 hours. At least its a change from being low.
Very productive day, cleared several hundred $$'s. If only my blood sugars were as wonderful. I overestimated some things(such as the number of drinks people would buy)so now I've got a bunch of regular drinks(in addition to diet) that I'll have to find normal people to drink them...Two Ultras also remain. There was a fire fighter looking at them,but he didn't buy any(it isn't the protocal meter anyway).


Marina said...

My Ascensia Contour is the best meter I've used since being diagnosed 13 years ago. Is there an issue with Ascensias? (I'm new to the D blogs and don't want to miss something important!)

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