Monday, June 25, 2007

Steel Magnolias- Color me a Reformed PWD

"I'd rather have a little bit of wonderful then a lifetime of nothing special."
-Shelby, the diabetic heroine, Steel Magnolias

And so, as you all know, she had her baby + shortly thereafter expired from kidney failure.(failed transplant) Fulled the "diabetics shouldn't have babies" rumor mills for all time.
I like that quote- simply because it embraces the challenges, doesn't give the dream up. I don't like it for the woefully inaccurate portrait (of diabetic pregnancies) it presents. I want to live like that- no matter what the future holds, and what diabetes might throw at me, the point is life is(to some extent) what you make it.

Now for the reformed part.

This (hopefully) being the last Summer of the Singlehood, I feel the urge to do something that most married people, and especially diabetics, would not participate in. Happily married people feel the need to stick around for each other, and fellow PWD's understand what said activity does to the blood sugars.
I know that that said activity has the potential for overstuffed stomach, extremily high blood sugars, and the instant stamp of Endo dissaproval.(no,I don't recommend asking them about it) Because, I've done it before + it was not the pretty sight. Ketchup, mustard, relish- the area was like a war zone.
I will say that after 5 hotdogs(and buns),1/2 a gallon of water + pepsi(to queall the rolling stomach) the dubious distinction of "5th place" was not enough to give me any dreams of going professional. Nope, I went home + swore off hotdogs for an entire month. And its been several years since I did this.
But(come the 3rd of July), I'd like to do again- because I never will again
+ hey,its a way to get a free supper. (plus half a gallon of ice cream, for participation) Just gotta remember to prebolus 10 units.

After that-someone else can have my place. My wildchild days will be over.

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Major Bedhead said...

You have a better stomach than me! I think I'd puke if I ate more than two hotdogs, never mind eating them as fast as humanly possible. Blech.

I can't watch Steel Magnolias any more. Even though I know that diabetes care has improved dramatically since that movie was made, it still really bothers me. I watched it about a year and half after O was dxd and I was a sobbing mess.