Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blurred Yellow: A Morning With a Surgeon

Five minutes down the road, my insulin pump beeping out a cheery "Low Resevoir" alarm, I pull into the gas station to check my pump.
0.1 units remaining. Capitol UGH.

I need gas, so I take care of that first. Check blood glucose. 466 mg/dl.

Darn it, I'm going to be late...

Back up shot of 8 units, as there doesn't seem to be any spare resevoirs in my car. No time to go home + grab a new one. Got to get to the 4 month eye followup.

The eye clinic, is, as usual, crowded to the gills + though I'm 2 minutes early, it hardly matters when the docs are running behind so much. 20 minutes, tops, before I can even get registered.

Register, go back to seat.

At least the other wait is much shorter. 10 minutes, and Resident Wonderful calls me back.

"So, how have you been doing?"


He looks at my chart, asks me some questions. I can tell from his expression that he thinks I have Very High Matenience Patient emblazoned all over me + there's no way in heck he'll be tampering with my case.
There are too many horrible factors.

Standard checks. Up,down,left,right. Charts.Glasses on. Glasses off. Goes out.

My surgeon comes in, does some more preliminaries.

Assistant comes in. Drops, pressure, out to waiting room. Back to testing room. Green/Red goggles for Hess Test-all too familiar by now.

Back to waiting room. Back to exam room. Surgeon comes in.
"Although the left superior oblique is doing very well(thanks to Surgery #1) your left lateral rectus is still overshooting and that's why you've still got the right quadrant doubling. Thing is, we can't just go in and trim up the left lateral rectus because it's not as versatile as the other muscle. If you had that corrected,you know the risks. Your decision- it's your eye."

I stare at my surgeon, FRICK he can't be serious. Of course, they told me (pre-surgery #1) that anything was possible but I'd hoped,as it was doing better, that I would not have to come back to this place(ever, I guess-and eye wise, not for a year).

Seems it is not to be. It is regressing too much on the right side. Back to the OR it is. Diabetes wise- my eyes are just great + everyother wise, its just such a tangled web.

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