Saturday, June 02, 2007

Dark Blue: Color me Lonely

Two ships on a stormy sea

Two D's in a city of normal pancreas people)

Flash their mirrors

(Recognize each other by their same brand insulin pumps)

A beacon of safety + trust

(Karma, period.Eventually, you'll finally run into some one who gets it)

In this tumultuos storm

(High, low, high, low- will it ever end?)

Going down again

(Low again?)

But nothing will sink this old ship.

(I'd trust you, even more then an MD-Paramedic)

Ok, I admit, I don't get out much. No support groups for type 1's/pumpers around here (by "around here", I'm referring to the Endocrine group in the city, and even that is a nice little drive, much less back here in Smallville, USA) and I've seen another type 1 precisely twice.(around here, not pumpers)Although my endo is also a type 1, she's all doctor(doesn't talk about herself any, I wish she would) Although I'm sure they do exist. I see the names scrawled into the syringe purchase book, whenever I have to buy backup syringes + some of them are probably type 1's. Doctors are the only people who know lots of type 1's.
Which explains why I go a little nuts when I come in contact with another type 1.

CVS parking lot, 6 pm. I'm in my car, they're getting back into their car and I catch a glimpse of their clipped on gadget- it suddenly registers that said device is NOT a cellphone. Nope. It's a blue Deltec Cozmo, in the black plastic-less case(exactly what I've got).
As I'm digesting this shocking scene, they drive away. No chance that I'll get to throw myself on them, thanking them profusely for reaffirming my hopes that this town isn't quite as backward as I'd previously believed. I'm not the only one with class around here.

Where I'm moving, diabetes support groups abound- and that will be something to get used to. (a good used to,though)


Megan said...

Oh gosh, I saw someone with a purple Cozmo (just like mine!) in a convenience store the other day and got all giddy too! I told her I had the same pump and she was like, "I've never met someone with my pump!." And I hadn't either.

LORI said...

I can't totally relate... I don't really know any type-1's in my area either. Then I ran into a pumper at the blood lab once a few months ago. We chatted up a storm - neither of us had ever met someone else on a pump before in our town. She had the same pump as me too. :)

Drea said...

I am spoiled. My coworker just recently started on a pump! It was weird at first getting used to another pump in the same room at work.....but it is excellent to have someone there who understands!

Penny said...

I was in a local restaurant a few months ago and I glanced over at a man standing from his table and getting ready to leave.

At first I thought he had a cell phone clipped to his side but then I saw the tubing sicking out the top, I was shocked.

I know I was staring and then I noticed him looking at me too. Then, I got embarrased. He didn't know I was only admiring his insulin pump.

It's just wierd, like almost an immediate bond. And, I don't even have D, my son does.

Bernard said...

I'm spoiled. I've got a colleague with a pump and a support group not too far away.

And I know exactly what's it like to meet (and especially eat) with others who have diabetes. It's so freeing it almost makes me giddy thinking about it.

For others, you may want to join TuDiabetes which will give you a chance to network with others who have diabetes.

Anonymous said...

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