Friday, January 26, 2007

Two Guys on a Roof

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It would have pretty funny, under any other circumstance.

They'd popped in the day before- knocked on the door, assured me that they were indeed hired by "that laidee down the streeiet"(aka landlady) to do work on my roof. Did some measurements and were shortly gone.

The vibrating/pounding started at 8 AM, sharp.(next morning)





Shaking the house. Shaking the remains of the bottle of juice, sitting on the nightstand. Shaking me awake. (I know, I should have been up by then anyway)

Over the course of the morning, you'd hear the
the earth-shattering
as one of them would hit some part of the anatomy with his hammer, while the other one would tell him to shut up. Then, the 2nd one would cut on the saw,(probably to drown out the first guy's reply). And it'd be back to work, as usual.

And then, there were times when they'd start up with a few choice 4 letter word exchange(s), when things weren't going as planned. The fact that someone(me) was obviously in the house, was of no consequence to either of them.
Drop something(on ground)
"Ah, **** **** Joe, you carnt do **** raught!"
Lights flicker, on and off. STOMP STOMP STOMP. I seriously wonder if something (or somebody) is going to come through the roof. Turn up the music and try not to worry.

A total shoe-in for an America's Funniest Video. I was tempted, to sneak out a 45 second blurb on my trusty Kodak, but too scared of getting caught doing it.

Over the course of the morning, they got politer to each other and after lunch, there were no more cuss-outs. Maybe they got too tired.
Those are the professionals working on my(well, my landlady's) house. More then likely, from West Virginia. But as I said, it's my landlady's house + not something I worried about. I would say that..the combo of accent + ineptness+ interesting dialogue is what makes it really funny, for customers it is not quite faith-inducing that these guys know what they're doing. You had to see it, to know how it was.
And I still had a roof at day's end- and that's what counts.
Random Thoughts to finish out the post:
#1 I've finally registered on YouTube- how do I post one(on the blog)?
#2 W2's- what every single, broke, PWD lives to see (come January's end). I don't know much about medical expense deductions, but I do know I definatly qualify, whatever it is. Spent entirely too much money on staying alive last year.
#3 What I plan to watch, tomarrow afternoon:
#4 Had to postpone the RS, on account of A. Not being able to keep up with the testing/trials and B. waking up too high, this morning. Oh well.
#5 How long are those individual packets of artificial sweetners good for? (aspertame,Splenda, whatever) I've got a large collection of the things(that my mom gave me, when I moved out) which makes them at least a year old + probably 1-2 years older then that, as my mom doesn't throw anything out. They look perfectly all right, but I don't want to be taking chances on stuff like that..


George said...

I love it when people type in accents! I can totally hear those converations! LOL

On each YOU TUBE page you will see a spot that says "EMBED" Copy and paste that code into your blog and BOOM it will be there! Let me know if you need more help.

Scott K. Johnson said...

That totally sounds like something from a comedy show!!

On the sweetners? I bet they are good forever...?

type1emt said...

had to drag it,wouldn't paste..
thanks George!

Forever, hmm, like my supply of lancets, they'll probably last me till the cure. Or I could bring them to a support group meeting-+ use some up that way(unsweetened tea,people can sweeten it themselves)

Chrissie in Belgium said...

House repairs are a total pain in the butt! When it is your own house it feels even worse! My fingers are crossed for you. That infor from George was also helpful - I wan't doing it that way..... I haven't noticed any "embed" button. George is the expert so follow his advice. I have just copied the URL and pasted it into my blog. NO IDEA at all about the sweeteners....