Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Forecast- Cloudy, Chance of Lows

New Year's Eve-
Cloudy, rainy, cold. After a Yankee New Year Dinner (mashed potatos,Saurkraut, Pork Roast-for my dad,who hails from PA) and the watching of nephew's Christmas Movie(Alice in Wonderland) it was early-to-bed. No watching the ball drop on our town's Courthouse Clock- no watching it on the tv either. A cup o'tea, and a quick hitting of the sack. Am I getting old, or what?

My lows have been weird lately, my heart rate goes bazooka(not a typical low symptom), they feel more like heart attacks then low blood sugars. Heart rate has gone bazooka at several other odd times, which prompted a call to the doctor's office + a subsequent blood draw.(Friday)
And the good news is: It's not all your head, dearie. My primary care doc called me back today + after the quick pleasantries( How are your blood sugars doing?) he got right to the point.
That would explain it.. I am relieved by the news,it's the best it could be. Nothing wrong with the old ticker.
Course of action:
-daily multivitamin
-lots of dark,leafy,disgusting veggies + Bananas Bazooka
- daily iron pill
- daily(100 mg) potassium pill
-daily(350 mg) magnesium pill
If that doesn't work,will have to resort to the potassium-upping diuretic(Amiloride)
I've had to take in the past. Although, the last time I took that was in 2005- my magnesium/potassium levels have been great for a long time.(they were low in the hospital,but they got them back up) And my iron levels have got to be the result of giving blood.(two days before)
Then, my doctor drops the bomb- I'm concerned that your kidneys may be starting to malfunction + I just about drop the phone.
Although, your last microalbumin urine screen was negative he continued,you've been consistently having iron problems in the past two years. Do you have heavy (you know whats)?
Yes. Always have.
Well- just continue to take x,x,and x and we'll recheck in a couple of months. Keep up the good work on your blood sugars.(yes, apparently lots of hypos is doing a good job)
Oh, man. Thanks for punching my worry button. I need to call my endo about this one.


asskeeper said...

All I can say is you need to speak to your endo. If the urine was taken right before your well you know...Aunt Flo's arrival it screws up the results. I generally don't think it is you kidneys or anything like that. I know I am one who as tested low for both Potassium and Magnesium at various points in my life. I never took the pills.

Anonymous said...

Does the term "low iron" mean low hemoglobin and/or low hematocrit? Or, just low iron?
I have had borderline anemia on and off for a long time. They initially thought it was celiac disease, which causes malabsorption of nutrients, but the tests were negative.
It was never mentioned in connection with kidney disease, even when I was seeing a nephrologist for albuminuria (which has since returned to normal).
Hope you get some answers.


type1emt said...

Hematocrit. I'm pretty sure my doctor just enjoys scaring the crap out of me, I gotta learn not to take anything he says (too) seriously.
Low iron is something many people seem to have chronic problems with.

Anonymous said...

like you i was in bed for midnight. all the damned fireworks woke me up though. i am so old these days too.

kidneys, ahh i hate that word. i hope that the pills make things ok.

sending you lots of thoughts and hope you feel ok...

lots of love vic xx

Anonymous said...

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