Thursday, January 18, 2007

D's Just Wanna Have Fun

Unfortuantly, any plans I may have had towards this being the week of grand scale diabetes reformations fell dismally flat, based on the numbers I saw, if that average were corrolated to an a1c I would be well into the double digits. Really, seriously, awful. I will not be qualifying for the New Me first blood sugar goal(average under 170). Does anyone know how to erase your meter numbers? (Just kidding.) I overate, I bolused when I felt like it, I didn't count carbs,I fell asleep(overnight) without my pump on, I exercised only once... you get the picture.
Seems like when you do get back on track...there's this horrible average that takes forever to bring down. And that's not fair. Life should be a clean slate, after the crime.
Because its national news + the company is very, very large I feel like its ok to post
and to say that, if you've ever paid via cc/debit card at TJMaxx/Marshalls, now is the time to contact your card issuer and make sure someone isn't having fun at your expense. What I'm more worried about though is whether they hacked into other stuff(like the employee files) and got SS#'s, etc. Which of course, no one at Corporate would tell about(or put it in the newspaper).
Ahh, how I love my job.

The Latest Project:

Knitting: Learn to Knit Six Great Projects

Basically, I've always wanted to learn how to knit, just never have. Because I need things simplified to the nth degree- I got this book(Klutz guides are simular to Idiot guides) + it looks do-able. Something else I'll be able to add to my resume.
(knits a mean striped toboggan)

This weekend, for the first time in 6 years- I'll be back on a diet. Only this one is a no-holds-barred, eat as many carbohydrates as you possibly can diet. This 3 -day diet will replenish my liver glucagon reserves, and make the possibility of a reaction slightly higher then the possibility that a airplane will fly into the 8th floor of the research center. Anyway, I should have no problem complying with those dietary commands, I guess I can still exercise (and they won't get upset) or I'll definatly be more insulin resistant.(all the weight I'll gain!)
When I'm done with the diet- I'll have to fast(12-9AM) the morning before the grand finale, making sure my blood sugar does not deviate from the narrowly prescribed perimeters(70-200 mg/dl) or, they'll have to cancel everything and reschedule. And yes, they're going to check my meter + ketones(no help bluffing). Having a low would mess up the glucagon restocking thing, and being high
means I'd be very high by the end of the morning, as I'll have to consume some carbohydrate containing fluids without bolusing. (as part of the study) It'll be nerve wracking, I'm kind of anxious to get it over and done with + in control of the insulin-taking angle again.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

I agree with the whole "clean slate after the crime" thing. Totally.