Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Rewards of Exercise

Beneath the utterly unwilling body and the rapidly oscillating blood sugars, lies the underlying heart- throbbing forth a passion, a purpose, a drive to suceed at all costs.

(due to the password sensitive nature of this program, I can't give the exact link, but this is the general homepage)
And I've finally done it(well, in 3 days anyway.. total of 4 months and 21 days after starting), after hiking the Virtual Appalachian trail from Georgia to New York, I've acquired enough points to get my reward- a 4 person tent. I'm psyched. (at 10 points a day, with the occasional 50 pointer for crossing state lines, I thought I'd never get here). I think that any member of BC/BS can sign up for this, and they send you a free t-shirt as a starting motivation. The prizes aren't insanely valuable(clothing, camping, small value electronics) but still pretty good for being free. In three more days, I can redeem my points for a 1,850 point reward!
And I can tell you that I'm still not a big fan of exercise, though by now I guess I'm supposed to be. Kudos to my insurance company for getting me to actually do it, though. I think the main reason I dislike it, its impossible to predict what blood sugars are gonna do-you eat(to prevent a low), they either still go low or go high. Normal basal needs just don't apply anymore, and diabetes is even more of a guessing game. If I were one of those people that exercise didn't reek complete havoc on the numbers, I'd enjoy it more. (normal people at the gym don't know how lucky they are, not to have to consume twice as many calories as you exercise off..)
Now on....
To bigger, better things.
(Up Next- Operation A1c!)


MileMasterSarah said...

Haha, I’m so totally with you on not having to consume twice as many calories as you burn. What works for me is exercising first thing in the morning, rather than the afternoon. I almost always have a rise in the morning when I exercise, unless I do it over an hour. In the afternoons I plummet scarily.

Drea said...

Hey! I have been reading your blog for quite awhile...I am an EMT as well, have diabetes...and love to sell things on eBay HA! Just wanted to day hello........!!

I hiked a large section of the IAT - International Appalation Trail...the Canadian portion of the AT. Exciting!

type1emt said...

Sarah, yeh that early morning exercising is easier on the bgs..if you can get up that early! I can't(I'm not a earlybird),so I just deal with the nuclear fallout in the evening.
Drea- thanks for commenting, noticed that you've also been pumping 5+ years so we have something else in common.(it'll be 6 for me in April)
Adding your blog to my blogroll. I would love to one day get a CGMS system(either MM or Dexcom), its supposedly helped alot of people get in-range a1cs.

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

hope u get a good a1c?!

type1emt said...


Anonymous said...

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