Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Walk the Line(II)

I love Johnny Cash. For Christmas, I bought myself this and I've now got 104 songs running through my head, brightening up the day.

Walk the Line
Mmmmmmm.....I keep a close watch on this pump of mine
I keep my eyes wide open all the time
I keep my waist size below a thirty-nine
Because You’re mine
I walk the line.

Mmmmmmm... I find it very, very easy to be true
And always do, the things that I should do
Guess I’ll admit, that I’m a slave for You
Because You’re mine
I'll be just fine.

Mmmmmmm...As sure as light is day, and dark is night
You’re like a kid- can’t let you out of sight
These grayish hairs I’ve got, proves that I’m right
Because you’re mine
I’ll skip the wine.

Mmmmmmm...You’ve got a way to keep me on my toes
To slide into, another run of lows
For you I know I’d even eat those Sloppy Joes
Because You’re mine
I’ll finely dine.

Mmmmmmm....I keep a close watch on this D of mine
I keep my eyes wide open all the time
I just now checked, and I’m a ninety-nine
Because You’re mine
I walk the line!

Diabetes Prison Blues

I heard the doctor comin’, to get me back on track
I can’t rewind the clock, no, man I can’t go back
I’ve got to face the music, to hear this newest fact.
Now I’m stuck with diabetes,
And time keeps dragging on
And Life just keeps a-rolling,
Through the years, I’m told.

When I was just a young-un, my mother taught me right
I exercised like crazy, ate mostly only “lite”
But I still got diabetes
My islets up and died.
And when I saw that doctor comin’
I hung my head and cried.

I bet there’s lots of people, who smoke and drink and cuss
And live a ripe old age-their body doesn’t fuss
Well, I knew that it was coming- this virus of the first degree
But those people keep on gorging
And that’s what’s bugging me.

Well, if they cured me of the ‘beates, if I was once again
Pancreotically Perfect- like I once had been
Far from shots and doctors, that’s where I plan to stay
And I’d let a quart of OJ
Wash those cares away.
I want to majorly change this blog-the template, everything. It's boring + ugly (like anything, if you look at something too long you eventually feel the need for change)
+I've seen lots of people doing things to their blogs, which makes me want to do something to mine. It's gotta go.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I*m always changing the layout of my blog. I get fed up with it if it's the same too long.

Going to read your other post now........

Anonymous said...

Those are great!