Sunday, July 08, 2007

Leavin' on a Jet Plane....

Just as soon as I:

-Go to the laudrymat and wash,dry,and iron 7 loads of laundry.

- Eat up everything in the 'fridge set to expire in the next 8 days.

- Pack, pack, pack! The only thing I can AFFORD to forget, would be my diabetes supplies. As weird as that sounds, I could go sans everything + hundreds of complete strangers would volunteer whatever I needed. I am sure that I'll forget something else though(I always do) and be kickin' myself the whole week.

- Make a run by work + clear up a little discrepency about the number of vacation days I have left.(magically halved,last Thursday) Because they're wrong,I had to readjust the remaining personal days to cover this vacation + I'm not amused at this latest glitch in the "never let her finally get away" conspiracy.

- Go to the gym. Its going on 3 weeks since I've last been,and I'm going to a diabetes conferance,for pity's sake.I need to feel like I'm attempting good management(on some scale).

-Take my youngest brother out to eat-when I get back, his leave will already be over
and nothing is as important as family. I love him & I'm proud of him + every moment counts when dealing with the uncertainty of war.

- Sleep. If there's time,and if I'm not too excited, before my flight
takes off at 6:40 AM Tuesday morning. It's gonna be so cool to see various
people again-and meet some new ones from Tudiabetes.

See ya'll!


asskeeper said...

I haven't even started packing yet. My flight leaves earlier then yours. I have a ton of snacks also.
Oh, Please get brother's address. We have g.s. cookies to ship out.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

HAVE FUN - I am sure you will! Toodles!

Bernard said...


Where are you going?

And please share your brothers address. We like mailing packages overseas to support those great troops of ours.