Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Sorenson Project: Roadmap to the Future

This article:
reminded me of the Scrubs rerun:

Fascinating concept,that. Quote:
"The aim of putting all this technology into the Intelligent Toilet is to improve quality of life by keeping a continuous check on symptoms indicative of "lifestyle" diseases, such as diabetes. Such diseases often go unnoticed until the patient goes to the doctor's for a check-up, by which time the symptoms may have progressed."
If you have-get sugar in your urine,that can cue you in to get yourself to a doctor + not be ignorant of the situation for the next 20+ years.Maybe a device like this would be worth the $5,000 sticker price to those who ARE at a strong risk for the disease. I'm more interested in the diabetes angle of this device- getting people diagnosed early will save many millions of $$'s in the long run.(I don't know if its still around,the article is from several years ago) What America needs- is diagnostic abnormal urine detecters on every single sanitation disposal device out there. And they've got to be cheap. No one wants to pay $5,000 for a toilet.

And speaking of other research projects for the greater good,check this out. The ultimate goal, is to be able to trace the ancestry of every single person in the world, via maternal or paternal dna.

The MAP of
so-far participants is quite impressive,this is a global project.(albeit
a bit..difficult).You request the "kit",and they send you a mouthwash sample/geneology forms to fill out. Yep,there's issues of privacy, but ANYTHING can get hacked + I believe they're doing their best NOT to let that happen. This is a really cool project!(in my opinion)


Wingman said...

Wow, if I had that toilet I would have known in December that I was having high blood sugars instead of waiting until I lost over 40 lbs. - my doctor's office lost my phyiscal labs so they were unaware that I had any issues.

Anonymous said...

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