Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Under the Pelikan Sun: A Love Affair with a Lancing Device

9 days and many memorable experiences later, and THIS is what I've gotta post about first. It made the entire trip worthwhile. Unfortuantly, I'm not able to post pictures or links(weird computer quirk of the day) so for the time being,you'll just have to read about it here:

The thing is every bit as wonderful as the diabetes web guru David Mendosa says it is. Its only drawback is its the size of two cellphones. (it will not fit in your meter case!) And its mine to trial for 90 days.After that, the company says they'll be offering it at a "reduced" price for purchase. And I just might buy it, the thing is absolutely the best darn LD on the market. (and I think I've tried them all, the scars on my fingers bear testimony to that fact) You don't feel the pricks at all.(it's also going for $250+ in Australia,should you wish to shell out for one now)I think that everyone who attended FFL must have gotten one, it was a very popular booth.

Never thought I'd be saying this..but I love this lancing device!!!!!!!!!


Drea said...

Do you find it looks like a garage door opener?? HA, my first impression!

My friend brought one back from a conference, and we were playing with it! I enjoy the adjustable depth, how are you finding it?

It is slick, I just wish it was smaller!

Minnesota Nice said...

Well, you just know that in a couple of years a smaller one will be available.
Very interesting.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I remember reading about that on David's site.

How crazy is it to love it so much that you are willing to "forgive it" for how big it is?

I agree - very interesting.

Christine said...

I've been looking at it since I first heard about it in, oh, 2004. Me wants! I'm so glad to hear it's finally hitting the market!

type1emt said...

Drea-sure does!
I love the adjustable depth,but I've wasted tests putting it on too low of a setting.