Monday, December 26, 2005

Bolus Baby, Bolus!

Had a wonderful holiday, but haven't seen a number under 180 in two days. Overnight- well, overnight I've ranged 400-500. Major dawn phenomenon, or something! Taking a bolus right before bed does not help.
So, is it...
1. The inactivity
2. My insulin going bad
3. All of the fat-protein kicking in
4. The alcohol I've been consuming in large quantities
Forget the carb factor-I am more then generously bolusing for them!
This morning- upon facing another holiday eating marathon(eggs, pancakes, biscuits/gravy, juice,eggnog, fruit salad, fruit platter, sausages, coffeecakes), and a 390 blood sugar-I knew it was going to be rough, just tasting each item, without losing it. As the ketostix revealed large ketones- first I took a shot, 15 units. 1.5 hrs later, I was 225. Slightly less nauseus, so I put in a valient effort toward breakfast, and shot another 12 units. I guess it really doesn't matter- as long as the insulin gets in! I know my set is still good, it was working last night..(well, relatively, I was 190's) I've decided to keep shooting it, since obviously neither it, nor bolusing, is doing much good. My usual correction factor is 1/40, 1 u/10 carbs...
12 pm- Now I'm 205, time for another 3 units. I've just bolused more insulin (just to handle one meal) then I generally take TOTAL, in a day!
2:45 pm- Went to see "Narnia" again, with the family. 139 now, ketones trace. Ate popcorn, bolused, drank a liter of diet coke.
4:50 pm- 193. 5 more units- 15 carbs chocolate. Don't think I'll ever get rid of these darn ketones! Still trace.
6 pm- Another sumptuous feast of mashed taters, potroast, cornbread, saurkraut, mincemeat pie-cake-cookies, tea, carrots/peas, fruit salad. If I weren't so high, I'd be packing on quite a bit of weight off all this! (not that being high is better then gaining weight!) This time,
I ate lightly, and shoveled in 10 units insulin.
9:30 pm- 153,no ketones. Mystery of the high blood glucoses solved, I now have a fever. Feels like the start of the flu.
My parents didn't pay for the car- but they did pay for a alternate method of transportation. (new bicycle) Tomarrow, I intend to pick that out.
New bike- new car loan- lots of sugarfree candy(I still have a box from last Christmas..) its been a great holiday!

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