Thursday, December 29, 2005

Little Steps

Rome wasn't built in a day. Rome wasn't built in a day...

I'm feeling frustrated over this blog. Can't find the right place to plug in the html- so it will get to looking how I WANT it to look.

So, I'm taking this in baby steps. Thinking about the one thing that bugs me the most- and attempt to fix that, not take on the whole mess. Reviewing the help links ad nauseum. It will eventually get through. (to my thick head)

Vacation week, so I'm mainly just chillin'. My gp wants to see me again(and having put the appointment off several weeks, its time to go take my medicine like a women), the appointment is for today.

I know why he wants to see me. Officially, its to discuss my neuro-opth appointment, but really, its to discuss my latest a1c/diabetes control..Last time I saw him for something(in Oct.) he took my a1c again. (I'd had it done 2 weeks prior-at endo appointment) Unfortuantly, it was .5 higher then it was at the endo's, which put him in a very agitated state of mind.

Do you have any idea what you're doing to yourself??!??

I must confess, even I did a double take when they told me what the a1c was. It was not good, and while I could partially blame it on August's hospitilization, it was time to get more serious about post-meal numbers.

So I attempted to improve that.But I'm not letting him take another a1c. He's not a jerk, he yells because he's genuinely concerned, but its not a matter of simple will power, (My next a1c will be 5.5, no sweat!) and that, he doesn't understand. He apologized once for yelling at me. I'm thick skinned anyway, it bounced right off.

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