Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Crunchy Insulin

Q.How is a vial of insulin like a tablespoon of Rice Krispies?
A. They both Snap, Crackle, and Pop when you step on them.

Yep, I officially "broke" my first insulin cartridge today. (it was a pen backup) Vials are much harder to break, I've dropped plenty of them and they never even cracked. However, 100+ lbs of type 1 proved too much for this poor cartridge, it cracked- fortuantly, it didn't leak very fast so I had time to rapidly dispose of it in the trash can. There goes $5 of my copay...

Neuro-opth called back today. (7 hours after I called him) I was duly impressed, I didn't think he would. Its the first time I've ever had someone of that magnitude condescend to answering a telephone call (well, his secretary made the call, and switched it when it went through) and, wow, they did it at the right time of day (20 min. after work) and everything. (generally, doc's offices play phone tag with me for a couple of days till the schedules perfectly align) Said he wasn't surprised that the EMG was negative, it sometimes is.Asked about surgery-and he said it needed a couple more months and another evaluation, he wasn't going to operate on me now and have it go screwy tomarrow. Say what, there's not even a name for whats going on with me, but it has been relatively stable for the past couple of months and I'm not likely to spring any surprises between now and then. But I can see his point, he doesn't want to rush into things. I just don't get it though, if its not Myasthenia why is it ACTING like Myasthenia? If I have the surgery (muscles of left eye) and that corrects the right sided vision, its not going to do anything about the occasional screwyness that goes on on the left side, which means they might want to do surgery over there too. I'm confused, neuro-opth is probably likewise (at this point).


Wil said...

A five dollar copay????!!!

I am sooooo jelous. My copays are twenty bucks!

But I loved the story...

Ellen said...

So I'm REALLY hoping you weren't barefoot when you stepped on the insulin!

Are you sure you want the surgery when the diagnosis isn't confirmed? What's the prognosis re the surgery?


HVS said...

no, I wasn't barefoot. That would've been bad.
Yes, I want the surgery. It has risks, but not bad enough to not do it. The prognosis is good, and I'm willing to take the risks. I don't know what would happen if I did have something and it made it worse- but the neuro-opth feels, that if things are still fairly stable after a few months its not likely to screw up results of surgery. Surgery is the only way to fix the double vision, anyway..(I don't want to have this the rest of my life). Even if it is myasthenia, or something simular.
So I'm going to do it.
ROCK ON, LOW COPAYS!(I used to get free rx's, no more)