Thursday, December 15, 2005

Odds n' Ends

Icy storm blankets Southeast,Link
And I'm very glad to be safe at home. I got up too late, did not refill my resevoir, rushed off to work, and discovered I had 17 units left to last me the day. Wasted 3 of those units to get down from my 202, 4 more for breakfast. 9 AM found me staggering around, with the vague reliazation that i could be low. I wasn't feeling like I usually feel( i.e., carb-a-holic) but I was dizzy and not making rational decisions, so I decided to check. First, I estimated "Ok, I'll say I'm 70- because if I'm 199, this will look pretty stupid to be estimating I'm REALLY low."
5, 4,3, 2, 1... I'm 61. Would you like a snack? asks my brain, and I accept the offer. Juice, followed by a nutrious post- breakfast of Cheetos. Bolus .5. (about 1/4 of usual)
11:30. I'm Wind-Dexing a power jack, when my low radar starts beeping again. How can I be low- I didn't bolus much at all! But then I discover, neither did I lower my basal rate temporarily. Ok, this time I'll guess 65. I've got my regular symptoms (hunger, shackyness), I'm sure I'm low.
60. HOT DOG, I'm a good guesser. Butterscotch candies (2), and 2 glucose tabs. Lunch is in 45 minutes, I should be fine.
And I'm fine...
3:30. Get off work. Blood sugar is 318. Uh oh, looks like I didn't estimate those lunch carbs right.
Resevoir shows 2.7 units left. My correction factor is 1/35, which puts me about 4.3 units short. Bolus 2.2. Run out of insulin (completely) 1/2 hour later.
4:30 pm- Ride arrives.
5:30 pm- I arrive. (home) Take shot immeadietly, I need to change out the whole deal tonight (resevoir, tubing, set) anyway.Its nasty weather outside, by morning it'll be pure ice.
And in other news, some guy developed a new type of glucagon injector device. Link That looks very intriguing, and exactly what some of the individuals in my life would benifit from. A family member has not given me an glucagon shot in over 5 years, but making something like this easier (and recyclable) sounds like a very good idea to me.

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