Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas(I think)

Got this at a CWD conferance. I'm not a kid- but I found it to be inspiring. Shots are just a pain in the butt(to remember), to me...
My ride (brother) forgot about me yesterday evening. Got off at 3:30 pm-at 6:45, a friend picked me up. Otherwise, I'd still be at work, celebrating Christmas with the mice and bugs and other critters that inhabit distrobution centers. Finished up Xmas shopping, picked up prescriptions.
Food is the hardest thing about holidays. My sister, in particular, makes things challenging. Says I can't drink alcohol, yet proceeds to bring such carbohydrate laden foods that I can't eat much of it as I don't know the carb count.. I proceed to drink the alcohol anyway, and deal with the disapproving stares. I rarely drink alcohol, its always in limited quantities, and I (like anyone else) like a special treat around the holidays. Unfortuantly, she doesn't listen when I try to give some basic education regarding such matters.
Sister gets in this evening. (for 4 days) I hope I survive.
Merry Christmas to all you fellow bloggers!(and Happy Hannukah...)

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