Tuesday, December 20, 2005


There's a very good description of insulin reactions, in the book"The Human Side of Diabetes" by Mike Raymond. He says there's three types of reactions.
The first, you recognize your symptoms, and eat everything in the refridgerator.
The second, is the black hole reaction- "whoosh" and you're on the floor. Never saw it coming.
The third- is the overnighter that the liver (more than) adequetly treats, and you wake up high.
I remember when I was a brand new PWD, undergoing training at the hospital, and learning about insulin reactions. I thought"Man, I hope I never have any of those- they sound really weird" until the nurse told me I could treat them with cake gel and I immeadiently wished I could have a reaction! Two weeks later, I had my first reaction and that cured me of such desires. It also educated me on how easy (reactions)they are to get!
Last night, I woke up, tested (I rarely have lows at night, but felt low) , it was 89. Feeling likeI was dropping- I drank 15 carbs of juice. Promptly fell asleep- next morning, bg was 211.
Low #1. (I think my liver handled that one)
Low #2 came 2 hours after breakfast.
Low #3 came 30 minutes after lunch.
Low #4 came at the time supper was supposed to be, 5 pm.
Tis the season for lows. Every so often, I get a 7-9 day "low streak", and average 3-4 reactions a day. Once spent 12 hours off my pump, ate 150 carbs during that period, had 2 lows and 2 regular meals and never broke 130. I think I'm going into a low streak.
If I have one more low today, I'm going to scream.
Otherwise, the day was ok. EMG was negative- so I'm calling the neuro-opth back tomarrow. I want to get the surgery over and done with. (hopefully, in Jan.)

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