Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Day before Christmas

Mommy, Daddy, all I really want for Christmas is this 1999 Chevy Cavalier...

It is a beut, that I grant you. Its gold colored. If I transfer to the University of Virginia, (nursing) I'll fit right in. (their official mascot is a Cavalier) But the price tag gave me heart burn.

Auggggggggh I could get a new pump for this! Are you sure you people won't take a trade-in on my MiniMed 508?

Ok, so I'm not very experienced in these matters- cars #1, and 2 were bought with cash, and I've never taken out a loan before. I've excellent credit (card) history- but that doesn't precisely cut it for a high profile loan. So my brother had to cosign for it..

This is Saturday, at 12:30 pm. Most places are already closed down for the holidays. But our friendly local used-car salesman was more then willing to keep showing us things till I made up my mind.

Its a good car- maybe it will last me another 10 years, till I'm nice and rich. Or nice and married, whichever comes first.I'm satisfied.

So Tuesday, we'll go back in and wrap up the deal. Makes me dizzy thinking about it. Its scary, committing to a loan!

Tonight, we have our annual Scroogefest. Basically, a bunch of friends come over, we watch "Scrooge", (Albert Finney version) eat and drink way too much, and get in the holiday mood. Pretty much fun. Wil- I second what you said about blood sugar goals for the next 2 days- staying out of a coma is my goal as well!

And on this Christmas Eve, what else do I get? A friendly
"Don't-forget-to-complete-your-next-chapter-of-BGAT" reminder email.

Man, cut me a break. Don't these people have any sense of timing???? I have been very lax on my homework the past few days, but I fortuantly have the US-Ultra cable, so I can just download my numbers and plug in a few reasonable sounding guesses...

Off to change my resevoir, infusion set, battery, tubing...


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