Saturday, December 03, 2005

'Tis the Season

I love this time of year. The foods, the checkout lines, the busyness, the blood sugars..
But I don't love the cold temperatures.(ugh!)
Retail is buzzing- worked 8 hrs today. They also took volunteers for Sunday.(8 hrs) I'd volunteer, but I have two tests (this week) and the final exam( next week) that I'm not ready for. I can't wait till schools out- then I can enjoy the holiday season properly!
And here's my latest top ten(I'll be publishing a book of these, eventually)
Top Ten Diabetic Road Signs...
1. STOP- Do not enter...(next to favorite restaurunt) You’ll eat way to much!
2. Caution- Pumpers at Play. (Bungee jumping, Twister, Bolus-that-Barbie, etc)
3. H- Does it stand for Hospital, Hypo, HI (hyper), orHeatstroke?One thing for sure- better up those fluids before your engine starts sputtering. (No, it doesn’t stand for Heidi's House!)
4. Reserved Parking- for Endo’s (and their favorite patients) only. Don’t think my a1c quite cuts the mustard(for that envied category)
5. One Way Street- No, you do NOT inject into your ankle, there is one main rule that guides where you should inject. ( pinch an inch)
6. Handicapped Parking- No, your insulin pump does NOT put you in this category, unless you’ve got secondary complications from D. (Such as limbs amputated) You need the exercise anyway, so break out those walking sneakers. (Its good for your blood sugars)
7. Speed Limit- 120 (this incorporates km/ hr and mg/dl) Don’t go above 120...
8. Don’t Walk-blood sugar is 400, positive ketones. No walking for you today, dear,take the bus.
9. 4 Way Intersection- Bumping into 3 other DM'rs at a party. Who’s got a meter- I’m not the one that's low...
10. Emergency- D’s MAY TURN IN HERE. Or go ahead and crash-whichever is more convenient. You’ll still get your blood sugar checked.


Wil said...

Maybe the big box stores should have pumper parking...would reduce the number of us dropping dead inside!

Anonymous said...

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