Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Story of a Birth: Part 3

Dear JB,

NICU's can be scary places. And it does something to one's heart(read:take out,pulverize,put back into chest) to see one's baby in there. You were so little,(7 lbs is little, in my book)had an IV in one arm and a mass of heart leads under your sleeper tracking your heart rhythm and breathing rate. (both of which are pretty variable in a newborn) And by highly variable, I mean that the respirations can go from 20 to 70 over the course of 2 minutes.(it looked like a CGM on steroids) It took some getting used to, not freaking out over that monitor readout.(or the fact that it went off every 10 minutes just about) But your heartbeat is always steady, and true, (in contrast to some of the other babies, who would throw PVC's really frequently)and that was comforting, in that great time of uncertainty.

On Wednesday of that week, you had your IV removed..after it was clear that you didn't have an infection/blood glucose was holding steady. You didn't much like that,& I can't blame you(IV's aren't fun for anybody). You cried.(and I think I did too) Your two little heels had both been pricked(multiple times) for blood sugars,& I know it was necessary but seeing those little scars just made me hate diabetes all over again for putting you through it.

On Friday, your temperature finally began to come they started turning the temperature down on the incubator/warmer. It was a long, long weekend full of advances/ be able to turn the temp down by one degree,the underarm temperature had to measure at least 98.6. If it was 97.5 or below,they had to turn up the temp again.(they measured temp every 4 hours) Your temperature bounced up and down (despite wearing two layers,and 1-2 blankets) so the settings on the warmer simerally bounced up and down and I had doubts that you'd ever be warm enough. But you finally did,and by Monday afternoon you were all the way down to room temperature & ready for the 24 hour crib test (maintaining a 98.6 temp in an open crib for 24 hours).And by Tuesday afternoon,you could be discharged/come home. That was a little bit scary,bringing you home for the first time but the staff assured me that you would likely have no problem with future temp regulation, at that point.

So we took you home,and by that evening my feeling blah's had progressed to chest pain& an 103 degree fever.Fortuantly,my mom was there for the week (two babies to take care of) or I'm not sure I'd still be here. Whatever I had fortuantly wasn't contagious,(chest Xray was negative for pneumonia but the pulse oximetry reading was at 95%,earning me a round with the doctor's office nebulizer and a prescription for antibiotics and albuterol) but put me out of commission for the next 5 days. You,fortuantly, were continued to eat,sleep,poop,and grow. (as it should be) You had your first appointment with the pediatrician & clocked in another 9 oz weight gain. (and thumbs up on the pediatrician,I love her to death) And, as of 2 days now weigh over 9 lbs. I really hope you can stay healthy for a long,long time because the pediatrician also scared the socks off of me talking about what happens if a baby under 3 months old gets a fever (it is a huge deal),to that end,I've turned into the overprotective,do not want to take you out of the house at all,mother.(trying to protect you from all the nasty germs)

Parenthood is a work in progress...please be patient with us.


your Mommy

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